Golf – Chip Shot Fundamentals

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional golfer Paige Veliz-Gilbert demonstrates chip shot fundamentals.

    Hi, I am Paige at the presidential and we are going to talk about chipping fundamentals now. Two primary concerns come into play with chipping, one is getting the ball airborne and the other is controlling distance and those two actually go hand in hand. Let us talk about getting the ball airborne, when we are trying to get the ball airborne, a lot of time where under the impressions, that we need to lift the ball to get it up in the air, it is actually not true when we are chipping, we take our setup position that we have already covered and we want them create a situation that encourages a downward strike into the ball. It is the downward motion into the back of the ball that actually pops the ball up in the air, if I try to lift the ball up in the air, all the things that I have done in my set up to create a straight shot now get turned out of order.

    So, remember we are going to take our basic chipping setup, create a little bit of angle in the back swing that is going to encourage downward strike into the ball. That is going to get the ball up in the air, controlling distance is the second issue that we have, controlling distances in chipping is much more like an under hand toss than it is a put or miniature full swing, if I wanted to toss the ball onto the green, there is a certain amount of movement that I have to allow with my legs and my body. It is going to be different from each person to person but if you put that ball in the chipping motion in the context of an under hand toss, your distance control will immediately improve. Next, we are going to talk about the club selection.