Golf Exercises to Improve Neck, Shoulder and Hip Rotation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Neil King, Founder of King Chiropractic demonstrates golf exercises to improve neck, shoulder and hip rotation.

    Dr. Neil King: Hi! I am Dr. Neil King, Founder of King Chiropractic. Today, we are learning how to do ultimate golf conditioning. You can see, I do have a club in my hand now and there is a reason for that. The exercise we are going to do are going to be a quick review. We are going to free up the neck, so you have better turn; we are going to open up the shoulders with an exercise I am going to give you. Now, we are going to do the first step forced towards freeing up and giving your lower body mobility.

    Here is the first exercise; take like a five, six, seven iron at home and what you can do is you can do this in your basement, or out in the yard; it's very simple. This is going to be counterintuitive to what a lot of you have learnt in golf, but I am actually going to ask you to turn your head as you are swinging your club, believe me it works. You are like this, when you bring your club back, I want you to turn your head, the opposite way. As you momentary pause at the top then as you come through with your swing, I want you to rotate the other way. Let's do that again, stationary posture, we are going to work on swinging in opposite way with the head, then as we come back through to neutral, we rotate the other way. Swinging, rotate the other way. You are going to start doing that only five times, only five time. It is an incredibly powerful exercise. Here is why, when you turn, you have no idea how often loss of mobility in your neck inhabits your back swing and inhabits your follow through. So, what this exercise does is, is it over compensates. You can easily get back to keeping your head stationary, which is what you do to get a great golf swing; but, first you have to have the mobility, so you can do that. So, I want five golf swings side-to-side, working on turning your head the opposite way as you swing. That will free up your neck and upper back and allow for terrific shoulder turn. Next exercise we are going to give you, is going to be designed to pull those shoulders back. I know you are already sick of hearing me talk about shoulder turn, shoulder turn; but I am telling you that s what you need to get to. Can you get to that with rounded shoulders like this, like I talked about earlier? No you can't; you need to be able to be upright erect and have great shoulder turn. Here is how you get there; stand in a subtle posture, abdominals in, arms out to the side. This is a three step exercise and you are going to do it three times.

    All you do is, you stand with your arms parallel to the floor, one, two, three. That s what it looks like in there. Now, I am going to show you from this side; you are like this, one, two, three. See what I am focusing on, I am focusing on keeping that back; when you get to the third repetition on that, you are going to rotate your four arms to the posterior we call it to the back, one, two, three. Okay, here it is from this side, one, two, three and now I am doing my rotation, one, two, three. Last part of the exercise; you are in this posture at the end and then you are going to gently drop your arms down as if you are putting your elbows in your back pockets. I am just going to wrap that up for you. You ll do three, then three and then when you are in this posture, I want you to drop those elbows down like you are putting them in your back pocket. One complete set from the front, I will show you, one, two, three; one, two, three and then we are going to bring those elbows down and relax them. I promised I was going to give you one lower body exercise and here it is. It s very subtle on this one; I am going to have you stand like this and I want you to, just kick your leg back just like that you are going to do this five times on each side, five times on each side. Let me show you that from this side; you are standing like this, abdominals in and you are just going to kick your leg back, one, two, three and you are going to do five of those and five the other way, alright; that s going to free up those hips and pelvis. In the next segment, we are going to teach you about dynamic stabilization through the lower body and keeping those abdominals tight, so you can unleash that power.