Golf Exercises to Stay Loose

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Neil King, Founder of King Chiropractic demonstrates golf exercises to stay loose.

    Dr. Neil King: Hi! I am Dr. Neil King, Founder of King Chiropractic. We are here today to continue to work on how to develop Ten Weeks to Ultimate Golf Conditioning , which is available on my website. Here is what we are doing, now we are going to work on a couple of simple tips that I want to share with you on what to do on a golf course. You have been working on stabilization at home or maybe in a gym, but I want to keep you loose in the golf course. Here is what you do, you address the ball just like you are going to take a normal swing, but instead what you do is, is you are going to swing the opposite way and here is how you do it, nice and relaxed lower body, nice and relaxed upper torso and you are going to swing just as if you are left-handed, if you happen to be right-handed obviously, and here is what this does. This is what I love about this; golf is such a stretching and tightening sort of maneuver. What we are doing with this exercise and you only do it about three or four times at above 50% of your normal swing, we re warming up your lower body in a way that honestly you can get by just swinging your normal swing a number of times. So, remember opposite swing, nice and light, not multiple clubs, because that s what a lot of people like to use, just a regular club, opposite way, opposite way, do that about three times and try to do at every couple of holes. I am telling you, it makes a big difference, just every couple of holes, nice and easy swing will keep you loose. We are going to go back to using some weights now. Again, very light weights, maybe like four or five pounds something like that. Here is the position that we are going to be in; you are going to be like this. I want you to have two weights, one on each side and all you are going to do is, is lift as you go back; lift as you go back, just like that, very simple; lift as you go back, just like that. I want you to do that five times on each side. I will show you it from the front because I want you to see this stabilization going on here. You are nice and straight, up, just like that, five times on each side, when you get done with the one side, to the other side, same things. You will find that when you first start this exercise, it will be much easier on one side than the other, but once you do it a few times, you will realize you are getting much straighter and much more stable. That first exercise we did, remember the cross crawl, we are going back to that, but with weights, Have a great time, we re going to wrap it up in the next segment, which is going to be designed to stabilize and strengthen the abdominals, thank you.