Golf – How to Improve Your Chip Shot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional golfer Paige Veliz-Gilbert demonstrates how to improve your chip shot.

    Hi, I am Paige Veliz-Gilbert at the Presidential Golf Club in Dallas, Virginia. Thanks for joining us today; we are going to talk about chipping, we are going to start with some of the fundamentals and why we would even be chipping to begin with. Then we are going to rolling to club selection, grip, stance and how to get a little bit creative around the green and manage some of the shots that do not fit into a standard format. As the professional for more then 15 years and a director of instruction the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf here at the presidential, I think it is really important that we cover some other things. I have enjoyed this game for a long time and the shot game especially chipping the shots that we are going to hit around the green today. A really important to getting better scores, it is really the first place any golfer should look to when they want to lower this force dramatically. Before you join or engage in any physical activity please consult your physician, physical trainer or chiropractor and make sure that you are physically fit to enjoy the game. Come with me, we going to head after the chipping green and get started