Golf – Improving Sandshots

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    PGA instructor Cary Ferrell breaks down your short game, and demonstrates the basics of a sand shot.

    Cary Ferrell

    Cary began playing golf in Minnesota over 40 years ago. Soon after, he moved with his family to Rockville, Maryland. He was a member of the Richard Montgomery High School golf team lettering all 3 years and as captain of the team during his senior year. In 1970, he enrolled at the University of Maryland at College Park playing on the golf team for two years. In 1972, he turned professional and landed his first apprentice position under Head PGA Golf Professional, Clarence Doser at the former Washingtonian Country Club in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He then moved to Falls Road Golf Course in Potomac, Maryland as Teaching Professional under the direction of Head PGA Golf Professional, Chuck Walker. In 1978, Cary completed his membership requirements for Class “A” Membership in the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. In 1982, he accepted the position of Head PGA Golf Professional/Manager at Poolesville Golf Course in Poolesville, Maryland where he remained for 23 seasons. During his tenure, he continued his passion for teaching and mentoring juniors. In addition to developing golfers of all skill levels, a number of former assistant professionals have gone on to become Head PGA Golf Professionals at their own facilities. He retired from the Poolesville Golf Course on December 31, 2004. Cary has been with the Chuck Will Golf Academy since March 2005. He feels that golf is a sport for a lifetime which teaches youngsters many life lessons. There are numerous ways this can be achieved. The Chuck Will Golf Academy has given him all the necessary tools to enrich, enhance and improve everyone’s game of golf. In addition to his teaching duties, Cary finds time to be an advisor and mentor to the Loudoun County Junior Golf Association. Cary has three adult children, one of which is a Head PGA Golf Professional in the Chicago area. As you can see, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

    Cary Ferrell: Hi! My name is Cary Ferrell. I am one of the PGA instructors at the Dulles Golf Center and Chuck Will Golf Academy.

    Today, I am going to show you a basic Sand Shot.

    Your lines You have your Target Line which is through the ball, through the target; your Body Line which is going to be open or left of the target, the ball position is going to be off of your left foot.

    You take your Sand Wedge which has bounce on it, bounce being this angle between the sole of the club and my finger; you want the Following Edge to hit, not the Leading Edge - the Following Edge so the club bounces. When the club bounces, youll get the club through the sand; if the Leading Edge hits first, the club digs, and youll leave it in the bunker. Open your body, open your stance, open the club face, swing the club with your Body Line.

    The closer you can hit to the golf ball, the more spin youll put on the ball. Hit between two and three inches behind the golf ball; back and through, swing with your body.

    If you have a buried lie, close the club face so the club digs, square up your stance and hit right behind the ball, and hopefully the ball will come right out. It will come out lower and with less spin.

    Those are your basic sand shots.