Golf Mistakes – Hitting Shots Beyond your Ability

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Golf Expert Jay Golden discusses hitting shots beyond your ability.

    Jay Golden: Hi, I'm PGA member Jay Golden, and this series involves common faults and cures. The one we are going to take a look at right now, is hitting shots, or trying to hit shots that are beyond your ability. It's a dogleg left, you want to hit a little draw, you haven't hit little draw in 17 years but if call is for it.

    Get real banana peel, if that's within your level of talent go for it, but if it isn't play shots that are within your level of ability. People come to long par 5, they swing their hardest, they have a tight fair way, a long tight hole, they will hit a driver instead of perhaps using a three wood. There is water on the right, and it opens up on the left, they are still aiming straight down in the middle, or even aiming it that water with a little draw instead of hitting way out to the left. Go for good shots. Go for smart shots, don't go for shots that are beyond your ability. We are going to take a look at some trouble shots that amateur players try that a tour pro wouldn't even try. A tour pro would be chipping out into the fairway would be hitting a wedge, you see the amateur hit that same shot, they are taking a three wood and trying to hit it through the trees. Oh, a tree is 90 percent air, yeah tell that to the tree trunk, when your ball kicks out of bounce. Play smart shots, play shots that are within your level of ability, go for good shots, don't go for great shots. I am going to be hitting some shots now, where I am going to be playing safe shots and I am also going to show you the gamble shots, from behind trees, weeds, high grass, play safe for lower scores, play within your level of ability. I mean the deep roughly trees an amateur might try to use a three wood in this situation. In the same situation a pro will take a wedge, and hit the ball out to the middle of the fairway. The amateur might try to hit a miraculous shot here. A low slice around the tree, whereas a pro is going to chip a ball right into the fairway. The next segment is going to be on hitting lob shots, that beautiful high lob shot from around the green, I hope you like it.