Golf Mistakes – Wrong Grip

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Golf Expert Jay Golden discusses having the wrong grip on the golf club.

    Jay Golden: Hi, I'm PGA member Jay Golden, and in these segments we are taking a look at common faults and cures. Right now we are going to take a look at the grip. It's so often been said that your grip, your hands, is the only things that's touching the club and it's the most important part and I agree. And many people start out with their grip in a weak position and as a result hit weak shots. This is Mr. Magic golf hammer, and if I had this hammer and I wish trying to hit a nail, I wouldn't want my hands to be in this position, you see how weak that is. I would want it to be like this. If I was going to hit a baseball, I wouldn't want to be like this, I want to be like this. Slapshot, shoveling, you want to be comfortably strong. And believe me if you hit the ball weak into the right, the first place you look is your grip, your grip is probably turned too much over to the left. Where you could see only one or two knuckles in the back of your left-hand, where this V is pointing to your chin. This is what you should do, experiment with your grip, start out with your grip way too much to the left and hit balls. Believe me they are going to weak to the right. Then turn your hands very too much to the right. Believe me they are going to go too much left with a hook. Slowly but surely, move your hands more towards the middle. When you find the spot, where you could hit short shots, straight, there is an excellent chance, that that is your grip. Experiment big time, when you could hit a half shot with any club, drive or wedge and anything in between, solid and straight, that is an excellent way to find your grip, try it, it's the only thing that's holding the club. Have a great grip and maybe some day you will have Mr. Magic golf hammer, to bang those nails in, with the perfect grip for you.

    The next segment is to choose shots that is within your ability. Don't select a shot that a tour pro would hit, sometimes people even select shots that a tour pro wouldn't hit. Select the shot that you can hit, not one that's over your head.