Golf Safety for Kids

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Golf Expert Jay Golden discusses golf safety for kids.

    Jay Golden: Hi! I am PGA member, Jay Golden and the purpose of this series is to teach parents how to get their children to enjoy golf, the game of a lifetime. This segment is on safety.

    Golf can be dangerous. That ball is like a rock, moving fast. The club made out of steel. God forbid they get hit by a ball or a club. The first rule in safety, when someone is hitting, stand behind that person, not even slightly in front. Some people stand far in front, but don't even stand slightly in front. If you are behind that person, the only way you could possibly get hit is if ball hits a tree and comes backwards. Stand behind the person, when they are hitting.

    A common mistake that people make and I don't want your children to make and that is, when they hear the word fore, their first reaction is to look who is yelling it and from what direction. Oh! who is yelling that? Where they are yelling that from? That's the worst possible thing to do because they might be looking straight at the ball coming right at them. When someone yells fore, the thing to do is to cover up quickly, cover your head and protect yourself. Do not look up, cover up. Another dangerous situation are practice swings. People take practice swings here, there and everywhere, and other people that are walking and wandering around, may not be aware of who is taking a practice swing and where. When you take a practice swing, make sure that there is nobody near your. If you happen to be wandering around with other golfers, look around and make sure they are not taking practice swings.

    One of the more dangerous situations on the course with the person hitting is being in the woods or near a tree with a possibility of your ball hitting that tree and coming back at you. So instead of going for that miracle shot and one, which could be dangerous, take the safe route. Chip out into the fairway, not only will you be saving a stroke in most situations, you could be preventing an injury. Kidding around with golf clubs is bad, its wrongs and people could get hurt. No drooling, no kidding around, no tossing clubs, no flipping them around. Golf clubs could injure yourself or someone else. Don't kid around with golf clubs. Parents, I hope that I have given you some ideas how you can teach your children to learn golf and enjoy it for their entire lifetime. Believe me, the more you do with them on the golf course, the better both of you are going to enjoy it. Jay Golden PGA, Good Luck.