Golf Stabilizing Exercises for Symmetry and Power

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Neil King, Founder of King Chiropractic demonstrates golf stabilizing exercises for symmetry and power.

    Dr. Neil King: Hi! I am Dr. Neil King from King Chiropractic. We re here today talking about how to put together ultimate golf conditioning. This is from my book, Ten Weeks to Ultimate Golf Conditioning available online on my website. I know you muscle guys are anxious to use weights. So yes, we re going to use some light weights. A lot of golf programs have been designed using lots of heavy weights, pushing weights and things like that. I am telling you, that can help your game, but the things we are doing today, which are much easier to do at home, will help you gain even more because it's working on stability, proper posture, body turn and staying relaxed. So go to gym, workout, drink plenty of water, do your cardiovascular exercises, but now you are actually going get to lift some weights too. I have got a light weight here and this is what I want you to focus on. This just happens to be 12 pounds, but really when you first started out, let's make it about five pounds when you first start, very subtle, this is a one arm shoulder press with a leg race. This is going to develop a certain symmetry to your upper body and your lower body that you are going to need to develop in order to get good rotation and power and here is how you do it. You ve done lots of exercises like this, but here is a way we are going to do this, nice and relaxed, abdominals toned, pick up, lift that s the key.

    You want to be here then you lift your knee up at the same time that you are putting that weight over head, you are here and you lift. You got it? You are here and you lift; work on about ten of those on each side. You are here and you lift. Can you see what we are doing here? We are working on developing symmetry and teaching our upper body and our lower body to fire at the same time, ten times on each side. Let me show you that from this side, you want to be erect, shoulders back and relaxed, you pull the weight up to shoulder height and then you use your lower body and fire the weight up gently, just like that; ten times on each side. Now, when you go the gym and start doing that, they are going to tell you, Hey, what are you doing in there? What you are doing is, you are teaching your lower body to fire at the same time as your upper body is; ten times on each side, quick review, here and up and on the other side, here and up, ten times one side, ten times the other side. Same light weight, here is what we are doing, golf posture, remember, good golf posture, athletic stance, weight on the inside of your heels, nice and easy, weight out in front of you, nice and relaxed, here is what I want you to do. I want you to just go back trade that weight, go the other way, trade the weight, go the other way. See, how my hand is staying in the middle line; that encourages my upper body to stay in the midline and stay stable. Notice how my lower body is now rotating; it's not turning, it's my stabilization point. I am here, I am back; I am here I am back; I am here and I am back. I want you to do that about five times on each side. You ll be amazed at how much more rotation you will be able to get with that club and also how much more follow through and how relaxed you will be when you do it, because when you take that light club and put in your hand, it's going to feel very natural to you with this sort of maneuver. We are starting to wrap-up our ultimate golf conditioning. We have only got one or two more clips; so stay with us because what we are going to do is, we are going to work on strengthening the abdominals and the core to develop more power in your swing; thank you.