Golf Stabilizing Exercises for the Abdominal

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Neil King, Founder of King Chiropractic demonstrates golf stabilizing exercises for the abdominal area.

    Dr. Neil King: Hi! I am Dr. Neil King, Founder of King Chiropractic. We are wrapping it up today with the last set of exercises for developing ultimate golf conditioning from my Ten Weeks to Ultimate Golf Conditioning book. Here is what we are going to talk about now; we are going to give you some terrific exercises that are very straightforward on how to stabilize that pelvis and give your lower body that much needed mobility and believe me as you get older and you get to be my age that mobility in the lower body tends to decrease and everybody keep saying, I wish I could turn; I wish I could stabilize, well that s what you are getting today.

    Here is what we are going to do, you are on your back on a gentle, nice firm surface, please do not do this on an undulating surface, do it on a firm surface on the floor, on a carpeted area, okay. You are like this, you are going to lie on your back, just like this, you start this exercise out by just gently relaxing your head. Some people feel better if they have a small pillow under their head and that s okay, but I really want you to focus on having your entire body relaxed except for the area we are working. Here is what we are going to do; we are going to do what's called a pelvic tilt that most of you are probably familiar with, you are going to flatten your back out, kind of take your belly button and flatten it out flat on the floor. Then what I want you to do is, I want you to gently elevate that pelvis like that. So those are the first two parts of the three part exercise; you are going to flatten your back; you are going to lift your pelvis up and watch this. Now, you are going to do is tiny steps just like that. I call this bridging with tiny steps or marching. Some people do this exercise like this and it's not the way to do it, like this; no, I want you to lift your knees up slightly just like that; do that about ten times on each side; quick review, flatten, lift, knees up, ten times on each side; it's that simple, okay. Next exercise what we are going to do is I am going to have you cross your leg over like this, we are crossed over just like this; your ankle is on your knee and I am going to show you in a minute from the other angle; you are just like that and you are going to do exactly the same thing with your pelvis. You drive your belly button into the floor, you are flatten and then you are just going to gently lift. You stay their for about five seconds and relax it. I ll do it on the other side then I will give you the other angle, just like this, ankle on your opposite knee, flatten that low back and lift it for five seconds and then you relax and you do five of those.

    Let me show you what it looks like from the front; sometimes people get confused on that one. You are like this, you are here, you cross that over and then you are going to flatten and lift. Hold it for five seconds, relax and you do five of those on each side. We only have one more exercise left and this is the one that you are going to love, but you have got to do it right. You are like this, your knees and your feet are together, your lower back is relaxed, keep your shoulder on the ground and what you are going to do is, you keep your knees together, I want you to rotate that pelvis. See your knees fall to the ground; if you only get to here, you only get to here. That s okay, you leave it there for 15 seconds, then you come back the other way for 15 seconds; five times each way, very subtle, 15 seconds each way. I am going to show you that from the other angle, just see you have it, just like this, knees together, upper body relaxed, this way 15 seconds, the other way 15 seconds and your shoulder stays in the ground.

    Here is what we have done today; we have given you the exercises to create an ultimate golf conditioning program. It s available on the book on the website, but I am going to tell you the main the thing is, do these exercises everyday and I guarantee that when you are out on the golf course your buddies are going to be saying, where did that swing and power come from. Good luck, have fun; thanks.