Golf Stretch – Back

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Patrick McGuire a certified golf fitness instructor demonstrates how to stretch your back for greater range of motion in your golf swing and less injury.

    My name is Patrick McGuire. I am the Assistant Director of the Chuck Will Golf Academy. Today I am going to show you how to stretch your back for greater range of motion in your golf swing and hopefully less injuries. I am going to start by a simple basic stretch where you are going to try to touch your hands to the ground, try to get your feet, shoulder with the part and bend as far as you can and try to touch to ground. If you are not able to get that far down and you have to bend your knees, thats okay. This stretch will basically stretch you from ankle to neck and trying to get all the way down to the ground and again bend your knees, let your hamstrings tell you how far you can go. The next thing we would do of same the basic position is start to walk to the side and walk to the other side and if you really get any touch the ground you can move your hand along the ground, but we just basically want to rotate your upper body to the right and to the left to try to get to those small limber muscles in the low back and then in outside joint. The next one, we are going to stretch your back here side to side. We are going its kind of in-between yoga stretch of either taking one arm straight up while holding your hips up, tilting as far as you can to the right and you should feel that just in a low back, make sure you are not twisting. The spine is not good at twisting and turning at the same time. If you are doing it with your arm, you would hold one arm up and go and try to really stretch this arm out and you will feel that stretch in your side.