Golf Stretch – Basic Balance for Your Swing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Patrick McGuire a certified golf fitness instructor demonstrates basic balance for your golf swing.

    Hello! I am Pat McGuire of the Chuck Will Golf Academy. Next, I will be showing you how to apply what we have learned into your golf swing. One of the most common flaws we see in golf, if some comes over the top or very steep swing where the swing is in the pattern of this way and I am going to show you how to relate this to what we are seeing in the body without a balance or flexibility. The most common cause of this is path air, where a golfer will swing the club in and up and then your muscles tighten up and they swing the club in this fashion. Basically from the balance standpoint, a flexibility standpoint, your body is locked into a position where you are on your toes. So, thats why I use the wobble board of ankles, in that you want to see if you can maintain flex in your knees while you are turning and whether the weight goes into heel or the toe of your right foot. If the weight is going into the toe and into your left foot, thats a reverse static. So, genially thats comes from tight hip flexures and tight hamstrings and to help prevent this for happening in your mechanics through your balance and flexibility, one of that things we are going to key on is your knee and your ankle in which way they should be flexed. So, if you were to put weight into your foot, to where the foot feels like you are smashing it into the ground and then try to turn your hip that would give you the sensation of being loaded. You should feel your stomach not your back, your stomach is turned and then you should be able to be swing the arms around your body and you will feel that it tightens up. It tightens up in your lat. Now, you properly stretched to where naturally the club would return back down to the ball. On the wobble board, how you would begin to improve that off the course in your office, in your house is by doing simple range of motion of standing here and doing toe touches and holds and you can also do this seated in your office or watching TV. So, you just try to move the board with just your toes, keeping your legs nice and straight and trying to maintain a very straights bind. No leaning forward or leaning back to balance. For the locking of the knee we would the use the wobble board in the side to side. If you are practicing on the golf course, you can basically make one of these wobble boards. Its a piece of 16 inch plywood, 2X4 around it to get a little instability to make you work harder. You can use this board on either your right or left leg depending if you are right or left handed to brace, so your right side can feel the load. Obviously if you will walk or you straighten, you will feel the difference of a load or you will feel lot of pressure into the board. Again, the most common mistake is a tight hip flexure, tight hamstring and a tight lower back wont allow you to do this move easily and I will show you how to starch those shortly.