Golf Stretch – Release Drill

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Patrick McGuire a certified golf fitness instructor demonstrates a release drill to improve your golf swing.

    My name is Patrick McGuire. I am the Assistant Director of Instruction at the Chuck Will Golf Academy. Today I am going to showing you a drill on how to release the club, which in lot of articles is a secret, but no one wants to tell you, but I am going to show you that by definition release means to relax and let go. You should work really hard in your golf swing to hit the ball and create speed by contact and then momentum should take over. So, this drill will help you out in getting the correct feel and sequence of the down swing. What we are going to do is take a normal swing, in that impact we are going to let go of the club with our right hand and hopefully we are going to let our left arm relax and pull it through to a finish. Let me go and demonstrate one of those to you. I am not again worried about where I am aiming, just trying to be pretty square and set up comfortably. I going to take a full swing, let go of the club and see where it pulled me. Some of the key things I am focused on in this drill is some of the key mistakes are made, its pretty much how to keep your head down so long that your body cant rotate. That creates tension in the shoulder and arm and a lot of times damage in that part of the body. So, we are trying to release the club and the momentum of club brings our body into a finish. Basically we are looking for level, shoulders and rotation through the stomach and hips. Weight should all be on left side and a nice firm leg. Most of you when you first start doing this drill will do this. This is tension in either the trap or the arm itself stopping the club from creating full speed. This should release that arm and relax the left arm instead of creating tension and this will get a lot of arch in your back to go away by getting your body to go around like its designed. That drill I think will really help. I would do that drill 25 to 30 times in a row and then go ahead and hit a golf ball and see if you feel this difference in speed.