Golf – Understanding the Chip Shot and Learning the Grip

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional golfer Paige Veliz-Gilbert discusses understanding the chip shot and learning the grip.

    Hi, I am Paige at the Presidential and today we are going to talk about chipping. Before we get into too many details about chipping, we need to know when we do it and why we do it. Usually a chip-shot occurs because we have missed the green that we intended to hit and we are left with the very short shot, it is different than our full swing and it is not a putt. It's somewhere in between those two. What makes it challenging is that, it really is the gray area of golf and there is no set way to do it, it is a little bit individual but there is some science behind the art. We are going to get into more of those details in just a bit. First thing, we need to do is get started with the good golf grip, one way you can do that is to let your arms hang down to your side and allow the club to fall into your fingers of your lead hand. That is the side, which is closest to your target. From there, when you pick the club up, one of our check points for good golf grip is that the pad of the hand is on top of the club. We want to avoid the club getting wedged into the grip. When the club is in your hand with the pad on top and then it is a simple hand shake with your other hand in the golf club. From here you have choices, you can overlap your fingers, you can interlock your fingers or you can leave all ten fingers on the golf club, it is all up to you. Next, we want to take our grip and our stance like we would for a full swing. My stance is right for the full swing, but for the chip shot because it is so short, I need to miniaturize everything. So, I narrow my stance and we lower the hands on the club, when we lower the hands on the club, the club should actually hang closer to us. Now I need to step up to the ball. For the chip shot remember, the ball position is going to be in the middle of the stance for your typical chip shot. Coming up next, we are going to talk about chipping fundamentals.