Google Glass Confrontation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A San Francisco tech writer was accosted and attacked for her Google Glass. This question is–was she recording people without their permission?

    Two women and a man attacked a woman wearing her Google Glass recently in a San Francisco neighborhood.  The women accosted her while the man tore the $1,500 wearables from her face.  When she ran after the man, his female friends snagged her purse with her wallet and cell phone in it.  The victim, a tech writer, recovered her Google Glass but not her other items.  But there’s a question about what the victim was doing while wearing her Google Glass that might have spawned the attack.  Like so many other complaints regarding the new technology recently, the lady may have been recording people with her glasses.  Recording people without their permission is an issue that just seems to keep coming up these days.