Got 5 Minutes? You Can Brush Away Your Cellulite

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dry brushing. It’s one of those easy body treatments that you can actually do at home and that requires very little effort. Yet the benefits are bountiful: it exfoliates your skin so it feels as soft as a baby’s, it helps detoxify by increasing circulation (which, in turn, keeps you healthier), and it works to break up fat deposits, so over time your cellulite becomes less noticeable. Dry brushing is practiced by models like Miranda Kerr and Molly Sims and is a component of the Body Slimming Treatment at Four Seasons Los Angeles.

    Kirbie Johnson: Hey guys! It's Kirbie. I am here at the Four Seasons Los Angeles to learn all about dry brushing. Molly Sims and, Miranda Kerr are huge fans and supposedly it's the key to firmer tone skin, so I am here to see what the hype is all about.

    Natalie Stromme: Hi Kirbie!

    Kirbie Johnson: Hi!

    Natalie Stromme: Welcome!

    Kirbie Johnson: Thank you for having me.

    Natalie Stromme: Pleasure!

    Kirbie Johnson: So what we are doing to today?

    Natalie Stromme: Today we are doing the first step of the slimming treatment which is Dry Brushing.

    Kirbie Johnson: Okay, and explain to me about dry brushing because there is a lots of hype around it but I'm not exactly sure what it is.

    Natalie Stromme: I love it personally, I do it myself, and it helps with exfoliating the skin, for firming and toning the skin which everybody wants that.

    Kirbie Johnson: Totally. I think it needs a lot on my legs. Natalie Stromme: We will help you.

    Kirbie Johnson: So let's jump right into it.

    Natalie Stromme: Let' do it. So we want to make to use a natural bristle brush so stay away from synthetic. So there's bamboo, there's all sorts, you can find them anywhere, they are pretty readily available.

    Kirbie Johnson: Perfect!

    Natalie Stromme: And at a descent price. How does it feel so far?

    Kirbie Johnson: It's really relaxing actually.

    Natalie Stromme: So the benefits of dry brushing, it exfoliates the skin, so your skin is softer, smoother, it's firmer and tighter as well because it breaks down the fatty deposits under skin which is the main problem for cellulite. You can spend a little extra time when you're dry brushing in your concerned areas. I do, but just don't overdo it will help break down those fatty deposits. So, you want to go towards the heart and you want to follow the lymphatic flow. And also detoxifies the body and boosts the immune system by doing the lymphatic system. I like to combine just straight flowing to the heart and you can also do circular. So it's kind of your preference, but I think you get the best benefits if you mix it up a little bit.

    Kirbie Johnson: So, is a little bit of redness okay?

    Natalie Stromme: Oh of course, that's actually really normal, especially when you first start doing it, your skin needs to get used to it. But just make sure that you are not being too aggressive, you can tell if you're going a little too much.

    Kirbie Johnson: Strangely enough that kind of feels likes a cat tongue. Like when it licks you? But it's a lot more enjoyable than that for sure. Well not only, I have tell you, my skin feels so much smoother, thank you so much.

    Natalie Stromme: You're welcome, my pleasure.

    Kirbie Johnson: How do I keep this up at home?

    Natalie Stromme: Just make sure dry skin againKirbie Johnson: Yes Natalie Stromme: Very important. And right before the shower it just takes like 5 minutes and just follow the technique of towards the heart and you are good to go, it's pretty simple.

    Kirbie Johnson: You got your brush, you got your body, you are good to go.

    Natalie Stromme: Yeah; that's all you need.

    Kirbie Johnson: Thank you so much.

    Natalie Stromme: Your are welcome, my pleasure.

    Kirbie Johnson: And that's all from me.