Grand Theft Auto IV Basic Game Play

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates the basic game play for Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Derek Campbell: Hi, I am Derek Campbell video game expert and today we are going over the basics of Grand Theft Auto IV. What we are going to be doing right now is going over the basic controls in game play. Alright, so I am going to go ahead and bring up the controller here by pressing the Y button, that's going to go ahead and let you enter and exit your vehicle. So we will be going over those functions a little bit later. For now let's focus on basic game play controls. So obviously I am pressing Forward here on the left analog stick it's moving me forward. If you press it backwards it's going to move you backwards. Right, left and so forth. There is going to be a camera that follow your eyesight there and always keeps in a third person.

    One thing you can also do is press the Select button to change your view from these options. This is also available while you are driving, as well, okay. The Start button is going to allow you to pause it and bring up your Menu options here. We will go over those a little bit later as well. Press B to get you back out of that, okay.

    Now let's talk about our Camera or our Look Space. So we can look all around this which is very helpful, we can even look right behind us there, so you can see anyone that's coming up behind us or any vehicle that maybe chasing us down. So there is that.

    Now let's move on to running. So we can work ourselves into a little bit of a jog here by holding down the A button. So that's going to get you going into a jog. Now if you tap the A button repeatedly that's going to allow you to sprint which is very helpful specially if you being chased by the cops or someone that's trying to do you a little bit of harm. Alright so that's how we sprint. Now just us talk about jumping. It can be very helpful to get you up and over objects. So you jump by pressing the X button, jump up and jump forward so forth and so on.

    So one thing you going to want to do is climb up and over objects as well. This is a very cool function. So first start off by holding Forward on the analog pad just a bit and pressing the X button, it's going to go ahead and get you up and over. So let's go ahead and work on that again. If you get close to an object up and over. So here we are, we are at another structure here. We are up, now this is a good example of -- another thing you have to do by pressing the X button again. So hold Forward slightly on the left analog pad, press the X button, Forward and that going to get you up and over, do a little roll out there and do not any damage, okay.

    So now let's work on our targeting system. That's going to be your left analog stick right there. So that's going to bring up people right to you. If you hold it all the way down that's going to go ahead and get a lock on you, if you will release it slightly that will allow you do your free aim function which I will demonstrate right now. So let's use the sky as an example here. So we will bring up our weapons by pressing left or right on the directional pad. Now we have our semi automatic here. We can target them by holding it down. If you release it, now we are able to move it freely and then lock back on.

    So it's a very useful function especially if there are multiple people that you have to target aiming for and sometimes the lock target is not exactly where you want to be locking on to. So that's just something to keep in mind. Now to fire your weapon, that's another thing, you want to press the right trigger. That's going to allow you to fire off around into wherever you like. Let's go ahead and just shoot one off into empty space there we are. So we are firing rounds here, scare a little bit of people here, that's okay. So that's an example of how you fire your weapons. We will get little more in depth into that in a little bit, okay. So let's go ahead and bring back up our hands which we can also use for firing which we will be talking about a little bit. So now let's go ahead and get into basic driving functions. So to get into your car or to even steal a car, let's go and do that instead, is to press the Y button, that's going to engage you and you will get whoever is in the driver seat out of it. Now to drive you are going to press, it's pressure sensitive, the right trigger. So the harder you are pressing on the right trigger the fast you are going to drive. The less you are pressing on the trigger the slower you are going to drive.

    So put it all the way down to the floor. Okay, now you move by using the left and right analog stick here. That's going to do that and you can also use the right analog stick again to control your camera. Traffic, as far as traffic laws go, you are not going to get busted too much by running red lines and in fact you may even get criticized if you are trying to obey all the traffic laws. So drive pretty liberally. Alright, so now to brake, there are a couple of things you can do. You can press A. So you can back up see where you are going. Again, to change the camera angle press Select, Select, Select, you are in a POV mode. This can be good for some people for racing or just something cool to look at. Press Select again that put you into cinematic mode and there are all sorts of things you can do. Now by pressing the right analog trigger down you can see behind you, that can be useful, alrighty. So that is some basic driving technique. We will be getting into some more tips and tricks about driving a little bit later.

    Now one more thing to talk about as far as driving, is exiting the vehicle. There are a couple of ways you can do that. You come to a complete stop here, press the Y button to get you right out, close the door behind you. Lot of times you don't have that option, you need to escape rather quickly. You can do that, you can escape from your vehicle by pressing Y anytime and that will let you loose. Oh, alright. Take a little bit of damage so keep that in mind if you are low on health that might not be something that you want to do.

    So also in basic controls is piloting helicopters. So what we have here is an annihilator, police helicopter. So let's go ahead and get in by pressing the Y button as is any entering into a vehicle. Automatically the engine is going to start up and we are going to lift off the ground by pressing the R trigger. So let's go ahead and do that, getting whatever we need to out of our way. That's going to take us or elevate us straight up. Now to go straight down we press the opposite, the L trigger which we are going to use later for landing. So let's go ahead and take it to a safe height and you kind of want to ease on the controls here. You want to ease with the left analog stick to control the direction that you are going to go into. You are also going to ease off the acceleration on the right stick and you control it straight forward here. You can also control your pitch angle by pressing the left bumper to turn that way. You can control -- going into the right direction by pressing the right bumper in that direction.

    So we found a nice spot here where we are going to land and let's gently bring ourselves back down to the ground by pressing the L button, nice and gently, easy, easy on it. So here we go, we are coming down nice and gently to the ground by pressing the L trigger. We will ease off a little bit and bring it down to a nice easy stop here and once we have landed successfully on the ground we can hold the L trigger for a bit and press the Y button to escape from your vehicle and there you go.

    Alright, so thats the basic game playing controls. Coming up next we are going to go over how to use your phone and your map when playing Grand Theft Auto IV.