Grand Theft Auto IV Cool Tips and Tricks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates cool tips and tricks for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Derek Campbell: Hi, I am Derek Campbell, video game expert and today we are talking about the basics of Grand Theft Auto IV. In this clip we are going to be going over some cool tips and tricks. So let's get into some cool tips and tricks that you can get into in this game. I am going to bring up the Controller, alright there we go. I am going to press the Y button to exit my vehicle then I am going to press the Up button to bring out my phone and press it one more time to bring it all the way up so I can use the keypad. Pressing A button is going to select the numbers. You can use the directional pad to go wherever you want to on there.

    So I am going type in 911 and call the police, okay, there we go. Okay, so now we are going to have a couple of options on what to do here. What we want to do is select not the Paramedics but the Fire department. You call them up and they will come to your aid where ever you are. (Clip playing)I hope not, because they are going to come and I may just damage of few things. We will go ahead and take charge of this vehicle right now. Let's just go ahead and get him out of there. Okay let's go ahead and escape a little bit there. And one thing that's really cool about this is wherever you are pointing if you press the L Bumper, you are going to spray everyone you are looking at. It's a lot of fun, point and spray, people falling, they say some funny things depending on where you are. It's a hot day, so this will be good.

    We are going to go ahead and choose the far-off left lane here, that one looks good to me. Now to get started what you want to do is take two full steps to the left. So we are going to take two steps, here we go one and two, here we go. We want to lock into our decision by pressing the A button here. There are also some other functions that you can do in this game, but as you know, there is many more games than Bowling, there is Pool and Darts and many things that you can do. So let's go ahead and learn how to bowl the perfect strike. Let's go ahead and lock in by pressing A. We going to hold down on the right analog pad for just a moment, about a half a second and then press Up and shoot it directly straightforward in it's natural path to bowl the perfect strike. So let's go ahead and do that. I am going press Down and then Up and hopefully if everything goes right we have bowled the perfect strike. Do that every time, repeat these steps and you will bowl a perfect strike every time.

    Our Start button here and we are going to talk about our friendship bonuses. So let's go ahead and scroll through here to Stats by pressing a right on the left analog pad. Press A to access General and you can see, we are not too far into the game, 27.

    27%, and you will see, all sorts of stats along the way. But what I like to get into is Respect. The one I like to focus on right now is with Roman. As you can see right now it is at 97 like and 99 respect. That is more than enough for what we are going to need. So let us go ahead and demonstrate what that does. We will exit the Start menu by pressing Back, the B button, and we will go back one more time to bring it right back in the game play.

    So let's bring up our cell phone, a very integral part of this game and we will access the menu by pressing A and we will access our phone book press, A again and we will scroll down through all of our contacts and at the bottom we should find our Roman. There we are, so let's go ahead and select that and right now we see, Car Services along with a plethora of other things that we can do with them that could be equally as fun, but this one is actually pretty practical. So what we have here is Car Service and how we get that is by getting to a certain percentage of like or respect that we see inside our Start menu. Since we are well above that we have car services and I'll go ahead and show you what that does. I will press that and I am going to call my cousin Roman.

    (Clip Playing)Okay so we have essentially free cab services for life and we are going to see that as a blue icon and it's going to come right to you and you can get in the cab and he will take you wherever you need to go. Now this is similar for all your friendships along the way. You will notice that sometimes during game play when you press the B button to brake, you will have a turn to make and you will fishtail out and it can get really ugly, really fast. So let's go ahead and reserve by pressing the L trigger. It's also your e-brake. What you want to do is to clean up your turning is to use the e-brake and the brake at the same time. So let's go ahead and make a right hand turned there and what you want do is press the e-brake first and the brake and then make your turn, pressing on the accelerator, kind of pumping the gas and you make your turn a more accurately. What we going do to start burn-out is depress the left trigger and the right trigger simultaneously. Let's start off by pressing the left trigger, we are going to press the right trigger and you can see the back tire starts to spin out and we can kind to control it and that's going to give us our burn out.

    Now if we keep holding it, eventually your tires are going to burn out, and pop, but let's go ahead, keep going and that is a burn out. Alright, so now I am logged on to an Internet terminal at the Internet Cafe. So let's go ahead and get on to our web browser here, pressing the A button to engage and we are going to go up here to our URL line and type in the following address. I am going to go www, scroll through using your directional pad,, just like that , okay and done. So here we are. Here is a nifty website to go to, the LCPD website, and here something cool about it, you can go right on the database and instantly you have access to everyone that has a record here in Liberty City and we could even go down and find us, there we are and we can pull up some cool stats on even ourself. As you can see a lot is unknown. But you could find tons more website. So there are literally 30 or 40 different websites you can type in. So here we are just under the feet of this Statue of Happiness. This is cool trick you can do. So what we want to do is find a doorway with two planks on either sides that says No hidden content here and we just kind of walk though that doorway. So just like that, the door doesn't open. Now here we are at a ladder, we are going to climb the ladder by pressing the Y button. Let's go ahead and climb up this ladder, just like that and we will keep climbing in the middle of the Statue of Happiness and what we are going to find here is the heart of the Liberty City and that fortunately is not a metaphor, it is a reality. So here it is guys, the heart of Liberty City.

    So the last thing I want show you is how to get to a destination a lot quicker. Let's say you have a way point set, press the Start button press the A button to engage the map. We are going to go down, we will say we have a date at this Bowling Alley. So we set a way point here by pressing the A and as you can see, it's quite a distance away. Now if you have any car and drive this distance, it would probably take you in excess of about five minutes. I am going to show you a way how to get there in about in ten seconds. So what you want to do, let's get out of our map function here, press B to get out of Map and we will press B again to get into game play. Now if you hold the Y button you can get into any yellow cab that you find on the street and they can take you there in about ten seconds. So we are going to go ahead and hold that Y button. You may want to make sure to hold it, as opposed to tapping it because you will actually just jack the vehicle.

    Now from that point you can press Up or Down to scroll through your choices of where to go. In this case we want to go to our way point and we just choose a destination and press A and he is going to begin to take us there. Now we have a few options. We can press X to tell him to hurry up, in which case he is going to start driving very crazy or you can press Y to exit the cab wherever you are or A to skip it. So let's go ahead and skip it. It's added extra cost but in this case we can afford it. So let's go ahead and do that. Now when we come back we will see that we have paid our cab and have gotten to our destination in roughly about 10 to 15 seconds. So there you have it. You can do this during play and when you are not on a mission.

    Alright, so those are some cool tips and tricks. Coming up in the next clip we are going to go over some guns and combat basics for Grand Theft Auto IV.