Grand Theft Auto IV Fist Fighting Basics

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates fist fighting basics for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Derek Campbell: Hi, I am Derek Campbell, video game expert and what we are doing today is going over the basics of Grand Theft Auto IV and in this clip, we are going to be going over fist fighting basics. Okay so I promised you guys I was going to talk a little bit about fighting so let's go ahead and get into that. So what I am going to do right now is bring up my controller just like that. There we go and as you can see there are a few guys here talking amongst themselves. So let's go ahead and start talking about the basics of fighting.

    First thing you want to know is how to target with your opponent. You do that by pressing the L trigger there. It's going to lock on to the guy closest to your eyesight. Press this button here, twist around a little bit and we will target someone else. That's the first thing you want to keep in mind. Now next, you want to be able to keep up your guard. You do that by still holding the L trigger and pressing the A button and holding the A button in fact and you are going to put up your duke, you are going to put up a guard. You are still going to take a little bit of damage if you do get hit or kicked.

    However, it's going to be considerably less as it were if you didn't have your guard up. Okay, so now that that's covered, let's go ahead and talk about the basic kicks and punches. You are going to able to do that by pressing the X, Y and B button. X is going to be your kick, if you hold the L trigger here, Y is going to be your punch and B is going to be another style of punch, okay. Now those are the core components of fighting. Mix and match those up. Make sure you do use your guard as sometimes when you are fighting there is a pause after a combination. So let's go ahead and engage with these opponents here.

    I will go ahead and start it off by pressing the L trigger and pressing Y. If you press them in combination it's going to throw a combination like so. Try to mix them up throw a couple of kicks, use it when you see them coming. So this guy is down you can kick them all the way down by holding the L trigger and pressing the X button and so there we have that. Some basic fighting components there. So there we go, got a little Kleptomania.

    Alright, so another fighting tip is to repeatedly kick your opponent in the groin. This keeps them at a safe fighting distance so you can repeatedly kick them and do that until you take them down. Alright so those were those essential fist fighting basics. Coming up in the next clip, we are going to be going over some cool tips and tricks for Grand Theft Auto IV.