Grand Theft Auto IV Gun and Combat Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates gun and combat tips for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Derek Campbell: Hi, I am Derek Campbell, video game expert and today what we are talking about are the basics of Grand Theft Auto IV. Now what we are going to be going over are some gun and combat basics. After then putting the controller up there our sniper rifle or zoomable weapons. So let's go ahead and zoom-in by holding the L trigger. Okay now that we are zoomed in we can control movement all around using the right hand analog stick. Let's zoom in by pressing Forward and Backward on the left analog stick. So let's see if we can find an enemy by zooming forward and it looks like here is someone right here. You always want to go for the head shot or as close to the head as you can get when using any weapon and that includes the pistol.

    Okay so head shots deliver a powerful and clean kill. One shot every time. So let's go ahead and take out our opponent by pressing the right trigger. So let's do that now and we have taken out our opponent. Okay when in combat it's always a good idea to remain kneeled to hide behind objects. That's a new feature added in this Grand Theft Auto IV game to hide behind objects. We can do that by pressing the right bumper, just like that and we stay crouched behind the wall and we were out of eyesight of our enemies and bullets will whizz overhead. You can release yourself from that position by trying to walk away.

    Another way you can do that is pressing the right bumper again. Okay, another thing that comes in handy, you can do this from kneeling and you can do this while standing as well, hiding behind the walls. You can also slide into this position by running towards your object and pressing the R button when you come close to it. For example, this truck so we will go ahead and hold down A and when we get close we will slide and we will be right behind it just by pressing the R button.

    When you are in the hiding mode, you can automatically crouch by getting close to a window, it will automatically crouch you to keep you hidden from gun fire, at which point you can find your opponent lock on to them and also another cool trick to do is if you hold up on the right trigger on the right analog pad you can lock in for a head shot. Another thing you can do if you don't want to stay locked into your opponent is to loosen up your trick on the analog pad and as you can see this is lock mode and this is unlocked. From that point your aimer can free rein, can have free rein roaming about the screen to lock on to any opponent that you find. Another thing you can do if you don't have a good enough view of your opponent, let's say this guy here, you want to crip around to the wall and get a good shot of them but we can't seem to get a clear shot from we are. If you hold the direction that you'd like to travel using the left analog stick and pressing Y, you will switch sides just like that and then we have a clear shot to lock on to our opponent and take him out.

    Alright, so now that we have covered gun and combat basics. Now let's get into some Cheat Codes for Grand Theft Auto IV.