Grand Theft Auto IV Phone and Map Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates phone and map tips for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Derek Campbell: Hi, I am Derek Campbell, video game expert and what we are doing today is going over the basics of Grand Theft Auto IV. What we are going to do right now is talk about how to use your phone and you map. First go ahead and bring our bar controller here, there we go. So in this clip, I said we are going to talking about some phone and some map tips. So let's go ahead and bring up your phone. To do that you want to press the Up button on the analog pad, alright, okay. Now you can see you can bring it back down with the B button there, you can bring back up with the UP button. You can also access the dialing pad by pressing Up one more time. You can do cool things like calling any number you want to. You often find numbers listed on bill boards or on bus stops, but for today's purposes we are just going to call 911 and we will see what happens there. So you bring the phone to you ear, you can still walk around. Okay and you can see the options there, so we can do that. So we are going to try to call police and then you will speak, alright. You can hear the police sirens in the back ground and there we have our action and there is our police officer and you can do various kind of funny -- just to kind of see them get out and see what's wrong or what's going on and obviously in this case it's nothing. So let's use it for a more practical purpose and I am going to call one of my best girlfriends, Michele. So let me go back a little bit. So you bring up your phone by pressing Up, press A to get on to your menu. You will how all these options here, options in multi-player, multi-player is for online game play. You have your Organizer which has events that you can program and you have your messengers and phone book and options, you can have ringtones and customize it to however you like. Okay, so let's call one of our friends, I think I might call Michele and see what she is up to.

    [Clip Start]Male Voice: Michele, it's me. Do you want to hang out with me?

    Michele: Yes, I am not doing anything, you just pick me up in an hour.

    Male Voice: Great, see you in an hour.

    [Clip End]Great it's a date. Okay, so what we want to do now is go and see how she is doing. Maybe take her out on a night-out of the town. But we have to choose a location where we are going take her. So let's go ahead and reverse here and I want to get in a direction of that heart symbol that you see facing north on our compass in the lower left hand corner. So let's go ahead and press the Start button right there, okay. So now we have our map and we can see where the heart shape is on your map down in the bottom right hand side. So let's go ahead and press A, that's going to allow us interact with them up. You can use the left analog pad to zoom around, you will see it, it shows you what each one of the icons stands for. In this case Michele stands for a heart. You can zoom a little closer if you can't see what is going on with the triggers. Left trigger is going to zoom you out and right trigger is going to zoom you in. So let's go ahead and get to Michele and press the A button. Now that's kind of send a way point to our navigation system in our vehicle that we are driving. So we have now a planned route on how to get there. Press B to get out of your menu function and press B again and that's going to get you right back into the game.

    Okay, so right now we are going to just drive down to Michele's place and see what's going on? Maybe take her night out on the town and who knows might get lucky.

    Alright, that's how you use your phone and your map. Coming up next we are going to be going over fist fighting basics for Grand Theft Auto IV.