Gray Line Tours – Washington, DC

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gray Line Tours brings America’s capital alive, providing a close-up view of Washington, DC’s sights and sounds, and unprecedented insight into its layout and history.

    Male Speaker: A Gray Line Tour brings America's capital alive, providing a close-up view of the City Sights & Sounds and unprecedented insight into its layout and history. Whether you want to see as much as possible in the shortest amount of time or you're seeking the knowledge and insight of experienced insiders. Gray Line's luxurious, modern tour coaches will take you to the foot of the most sought-after destinations, in and around the nation's capital. Favorites include the Hop On-Hop Off Tour, which allows you take in the sites on a 21/2 hour narrated loop around the city.

    Craig Smith: We're going to be able to put you right in front of where all the political powers and decisions are made in DC on a daily basis.

    Male Speaker: The popular DC in a Day Tour is a tour de force that takes you the best and most inspiring destination sites in Washington D.

    C. Another favorite is the D.

    C. after Duck Tour, where you'll see Washington D.


    's breathtaking buildings and monuments bathed in a patriotic glow.

    Well, for those seeking even more adventure, Gray Line offers day away tours, one to Thomas Jefferson's home in Monticello, and another to the Civil War battlefields of Gettysburg.

    For more then 100 years Gray Line has been the leader in the tour industry, having the most modern fleet with the most experienced certified tour-guides anywhere.

    Melissa Badami: The events and happenings in Washington D.

    C. come alive through your tour-guide, that's a Gray Line Tour.

    Male Speaker: Start with a stop at graylinedc.

    com and see how you can turn Gray Line's 10 decades of experience into memories of the nation's capital that will last a lifetime. For more information about Gray Line DC tours or charting for groups or civil service, visit graylinedc.