Green Bathrooms – Installing a Faucet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Uhl, Designer at American Standard, discusses how to green up your bathroom by putting in an eco-friendly faucet.

    Gary Uhl: Hi! I am Gary Uhl, Designer at American Standard. Today, I am going to discuss how we can green up your bathroom, by putting in an eco-friendly faucet. The first thing I want to do, is talk about how to choose a new faucet. Look for one that is water sense labeled, that means that it uses less than two gallons of water through the erator.

    Be sure to get quality metal construction. You want ceramic disc valves. Those will last you a life time. Be sure, that it's low or no lead, because you are going to have this product for a while.

    Before we begin, here are the tools and supplies that we will need. We'll need new supply lines, a pair of pliers and an adjustable wrench. To get started we are going to turn off the hot and cold supply valves then, we are going to remove the old faucet. From the top of the sink, position the faucet over the three holes, with the drain cable in the center hole.

    Next, let's install the pop-up drain. Remove the flange on the white gasket from the top of the drain body. From underneath insert the drain body up through the sink opening and thread the flange in the gasket on to the drain body. From below tighten the gasket and lock nut, up snug, using an adjustable wrench or pliers.

    Note as you tighten up the top up drain body check in the sink to make sure that the white gasket is fully compressed and that the cable connection point is pointing towards the back of the sink. Now, with the drain lift nut, pushed fully down, thread the cable connector onto the drain body and hand tighten. Operate the lift-up to verify that it works.

    Now you are ready to hook up the hot and cold supply lines and install the drain assembly into the trap. When all the connections are tight, turn on the water supply and check for leaks.

    Our faucet installation is now complete. What a great looking style, really improves the bathroom and we are going to save water and save energy. Great way to make this bathroom green.

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