Green Bathrooms – Installing a Shower Head

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Uhl, designer at America Standard, shows you how to green up your bathroom by installing an eco-friendly shower head.

    Gary Uhl: Hello! My name is Gary Uhl. I am a designer at America Standard and today, I am going to show you how to green up your bathroom by installing an eco friendly shower head.

    Now the first thing you want to look for in a shower head, is one that is water sense labeled, that means it's going to save upto 40% more water than the shower head you have today. The one I have in front of me uses one and half gallons, it adjusts up to two gallons and then, when you go to turn it off, it resets to one and a half. And for this project the only tool that I will need is an adjustable wrench.

    We'll start by removing the old shower head. If it's on there really tight, we may need that adjustable wrench to get it off. Now we're ready to install our new shower head. Take the shower head, position it at the end of the shower arm and carefully, thread it on. You want to get it hand tight. Once you've reached that point, take the adjustable wrench and give it a quarter turn. This makes sure, it's installed correctly.

    Now that we have installed our new shower head, you'll be saving money, you'll be saving water, you'll get great performance and it's good for the environment.

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