Green Bathrooms – Installing a Toilet.

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Uhl, a designer for American Standard, shows you how to make your bathroom green by replacing a toilet.

    Gary Uhl: Hi! My name is Gary Uhl, a designer for American Standard. Today, we are going to talk about making your bathroom green by replacing a toilet. There are a number of things that we need to consider.

    First is water sense, that's an EPA labeled rating and that's a toilet that flushes on 1.

    28 gallons of water. Second, you need to consider the performance. There's a thing called map test and you want a toilet as close as you can get through a thousand grams of solid waste removal.

    You need to look for a large water spot that allows the bowl to stay cleaner, longer. And then there's the type of toilet that you are looking for. Is it a one piece or a two piece, a tank and bowl? Is it a standard height or a right height? Is it a round front toilet or an elongated? These are all things that we need to consider when picking a toilet.

    Before we get started, here are the supplies and tools that you will need; a crescent wrench, a flat head screwdriver, a rag, possibly a bucket. For supplies a wax ring, closet bolts and a water supply line.

    First shut of the water supply and completely flush the toilet, for the remaining water we are going to take a sponge and possibly that bucket to remove all the left over water from the tank and the bowl. Next, remove the supply line, remove the mounting hardware, holding the toilet down and remove the toilet bowl itself.

    At this point, you'll see the hole in the floor. Now take the rag you have, plug the rag into the hole to keep sewer gases from escaping. Now remove the closet bolts from the flange and clean away any left over or excess wax or puddy, that was remaining from the old toilet.

    Install closet bolts in the flange channel with the toilet on inside install the ring evenly around the waste flange, with the tapered end facing the toilet. Now remove the rag from the hole, position the toilet on the floor waste opening and install the toilet on the closet flange, so that the bolts project through the mounting holes on the bottom of the bolt. Loosely install retainer washers and nuts, and with a rocking motion, press the bowl down fully on the wax ring and the flange.

    Now we need to tighten down the mounting nuts to rest of the way. We need to be careful that we don't over tighten them because this may end up cracking the china. Now we are ready to hook up the supply line and to turn the water back on.

    The toilet comes adjusted from the factory, but if it needs any further adjustment, be sure to check the installation instruction that came packed with the product. Our green toilet installation is done. We have got a product that has tremendous performance, saves you water, saves you money and is good for the environment.

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