Green Cleaning a Toilet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Loren LaVoy, founder of the Green Clean Company and Today and today I will show you how to green clean the toilet.

    Loren LaVoy

    Green Clean LLC, founded in 2004 by Loren LaVoy is a professional residential and commercial cleaning company that uses only non-toxic and environmentally friendly products and cleaning methods. Many cleaning companies both large and small focus only on cleaning but not on the long term affect such cleaning has on the environment or on the welfare of humans and pets . Because the health of their clients and partners is important to Green Clean LLC they do not use chlorine products, ammonia or other harsh chemicals. Each cleaning is specifically designed to accommodate the special needs of each client. The company has grown from just Loren to a staff of 14 trained professional cleaning crew members, along with 3 full time office staff. We have also expanded our area of service to include all of the DC metropolitan area, and Baltimore. Plans are currently in the works to expand our services throughout the Northeastern seaboard. Loren LaVoy was raised near Lake Placid, in New York's Adirondack Mountains, and spent his childhood swimming in pristine rivers and breathing clean air. As a professed lover of the outdoors he says that his inborn affinity for nature led him to lean green when starting a professional cleaning company.

    Welcome back. I am Loren LaVoy, founder of the Green Clean Company. Today we have been green cleaning our bathroom. Our next step we are going to focus on is green cleaning the toilet. About toilets, and about green cleaning in general, the industry has a dirty little secret -- or should say, a little cleaning secret. When you green clean, theres usually a lack of smell. People traditionally associate the smell of Clean with products like bleach products and with ammonia and things like that nature. However, since we dont use them, sometimes we have to cheat them; and by that I mean, we sometimes incorporate some smells that people also associate with cleaning. There's nothing about our products that smell; however, if we leave a little drop of vanilla, or essential oil, or eucalyptus around Christmas time, or the flu season, it helps to remind people that their place is actually clean, because a home must not only be clean, it must look clean, and it must also smell clean. So now I have my materials with me, onto the toilet. Of course, I have already pre-sprayed the toilet when I first started, so the juices have had some time to cook, and well move right along. This part looks like its dried out, So I'll spray there just a little more and spray the bottom, and of course, all surfaces. I am going to do most of the cleaning with the white scrubby pad, because that really makes the work so much easier. Of course, in the bowl I would use brush. Make sure you get all the little corners. People like to have clean toilets -- and especially clean the handle where everybody touches. And I am going to take my new cloth with a little spray on it to disinfect, and wipe everything off. Again, from top to bottom, and from left to right. Wont they be impressed when they see their shining toilet? Because I did most of the scrubbing with the white pad earlier, all I have to do is wipe now. Wonderful; next, we are going to talk about green cleaning your shower.