Grilled Angus Beef Steaks with Mustard Glaze

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson will demonstrate how to make a delicious Angus Beef steak at home that’s just as good as any restaurant.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I am Chef Phil Anderson, Harris Teeter's Executive Chef. And we're going to make Grilled Angus Beef Steaks with Mustard Glaze. For demonstration purposes, we're going to cut this recipe in half. Instead of the six strip steaks, we're going to use three and then the rest of the ingredients we will cut in half as well. They're a quarter cup of Dijon mustard, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, a small clove of garlic, a half a teaspoon of thyme, an eight of a teaspoon of ground ginger, and kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. We're going to make the glaze and then grill the strip steaks. Finish them off in the oven, when they come out of the oven we're going to just rub this mustard glaze over the top of it. It's going to be fabulous. So we'll start off with our mustard, soy, garlic, thyme, ground ginger, and salt and pepper. And we're just going to -- just smell that, really nice fragrance to it. So you just mix that up to incorporate it. You want it to sit for a little while and get the flavors together. That's why we do it before we grill our steak. We get all those flavors just to unify. And there it is, there's the glaze right there. Okay. You want to spray down your grill with a little cooking spray. It makes the steak come of the grill a little cleaner. Okay. So I am going to grill these steaks up but I am -- make sure that you preheat your oven to 325 degrees. These are thin steaks and they will probably finish off on the grill, but if they were thicker, you put them into your oven and you cook them at a low temperature so that they cook real slowly and develop great flavor. Now you can season your steaks before you put them on the grill with salt and pepper, or any other kind of seasonings that you like. And then also you want to take the steaks out of oven, 20-30 minutes before you're going to grill them to take the chill off of them, so that they cook evenly. And we are going to present it with the grill marks facing up because we don't necessarily have to cook this other side on the grill. We're going to put it on the sheet pan into the oven, slowly roast them, see just like that. It's like that, turn our grill off, and then into the oven. So that will be about five or six minutes, if you want them medium. If you want them rare, let them in there for maybe two minutes, three minutes. It all depends on your oven. All ovens are different so we'll see in a couple of minutes. Okay, we had our steaks in the oven, 325 degree oven for about six minutes, because we cooked them to medium. And remember that delicious glaze, that mustard glaze, well now this is where it gets applied. Yeah, you just put as much or as little you want on it. And there you have it, a Grilled Angus Beef Steaks with a Mustard Glaze. Enjoy!