Grilled Asian Chicken Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil demonstrates how to make grilled asian chicken salad.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I am Chef Phil Anderson, the Executive Chef for Harris Teeter. I am going to make a Grilled Asian Chicken Salad today. It's going to be awesome. The chicken is going to be really hot and the rest of the ingredients are going to be cold. So it's going to be a kind of a nice play on hot and cold.

    Now I have marinated the chicken breast in some Teriyaki sauce. Put it in refrigerator for about an hour. I wanted to also tell you how we're going to build the salad. We've got a vinaigrette that we're going to make. I have eight of the green onions; I have four tablespoons of the sugar, a half a cup of the seasoned rice wine vinegar and then a cup of Extra Virgin Olive oil. We're going to mix all of that up and that make that a vinaigrette.

    Then we're going to take our chicken that we've just grilled. We're going to dice or slice that up. We're going to put it on a cold bed of iceberg lettuce; this is about a half of an iceberg lettuce. Then we're going to add Mandarin oranges, a 11 ounce can and then we have water chestnuts too. That's about half of that can. They are very crunchy of a high quality.

    We have almonds. Now that's about three tablespoons of almonds, nice crunch. Sesame seeds are two tablespoons. And then we get to a kind of a really cool thing and that's the Wontons. We've taken Wonton wrappers, cut them up and then we've taken, separated them and put them in a fryer. So we have toasted them up really nice. That will be a really nice crunch. So now we've got to go out there and grill up those chicken breast, so let's do that.

    We're going to put this chicken breast right on top of direct heat. Here that scorching, that's hot. So what I am going to do then, I am going to cover it for a second. Bring that heat up and you see the needle move from about 325 to now 375 approaching 400. Okay, let's put this up, turn it over, beautiful.

    We want them all to be done to the proper temperature; poultry has to be cooked at 165 degrees. These are almost done. Well, if you have a thermometer, check the internal temperature 165, middle is where the thickest part of the chicken breast is. And here right at the 160 through pretty quickly, it's done.

    Okay, let's take this chicken; we'll create that Grilled Asian Chicken Salad. Now we're going to julienne this in small pieces so that, it's still nice and warm. Toss that a little bit, see that's why you have the gloves on. Okay, throw in some of the almonds, sesame seeds. We are going to do some of the Mandarin oranges and toss that a little bit.

    Now take the sugar and the rice wine vinegar. Now I am kind of dissolving that sugar in there. Rice wine vinegar is going to help dissolve that sugar see that was pretty fast. And then I am just going to use the olive oil, Extra Virgin olive oil. Now this isn't in motion but you want to make sure that you whip it up nice to get the acid in the vinegar to play right next to the olive oil.

    Okay, I am going to pour half of this in there. And then I am going to toss it gently. Okay, add the water chestnuts and the reason I do this last is because it's easier to separate them when there's oil already in the dish. So now I am ready to plate up. There is, isn't that beautiful? Now I am going to put a few the Wonton over the top for the crunch and then I am going to do just a little bit more vinaigrette. There you are the Grilled Asian Chicken Salad. Enjoy.