Grilled Corn on the Cob with Maple and Chipotle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson demonstrates how to cook grilled corn on the cob with maple and chipotle.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I am chef Phil Anderson, the Executive Chef for Harris Teeter. Today we're going to grill up some corn. We're going to do it with a compound butter that's melted. Normally you get compound butter is room temperature. But we're going to go and use one stick of butter. We're going to use a third of a cup of maple syrup, we're going to use about a table spoon of diced chipotle peppers, two cloves of garlic diced, minced and then salt and pepper to taste.

    So, what we're going to do is put all of that over direct heat in the grill and mix that all together. Now, the salt and pepper like I said was to taste we might add some later. Okay, we're just melting this down to combine the flavors. It won't take long. This is a very simple recipe, you can do it very quickly.

    You can do all of the cooking over direct heat and then put it on the side if you want to hold it temporarily. Remember that you're going to lose a lot of moisture while you're holding. When you hold you want to cover it with the grill cover. So, as you can see this is just melting really nicely. See the color is pretty, it's nice salmon color.

    That's all we need to do is just melt the butter and combine the flavors. I'm going to take the corn, then I'm just going to line it up here. Well, this is a real good complement to any of your grill on trays because you can stay with the same technique, it's grilling technique.

    We want to do this quickly. You can flavor your compound butters with almost any flavor, we choose chipotle because it's pretty popular now. See, how brown it's getting. You just want to keep doing that. Ultimately seven minutes is what you want to cook your corn. Some books will say as little as three but I don't think it gets cooked enough, personally.

    You just keep turning that around, giving each side a nice dab of compound butter. Okay, there you have it, you've got the grilled corn with a compound butter that's been melted, based it on the corn as it's cooking for about seven minutes and it's a really flavorful chipotle butter. So, enjoy.