Grilled Pizza

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skip take out pizza! Learn how to make simple delicious pizzas all on your own!

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I am Chef Phil from Harris Teeter. It's a gorgeous day to be on the deck grilling up some pizzas. What I did in what we chefs call mise en place is we took three cups of flour, a packet of yeast mixed those up together in a bowl and then we put one cup of warm water, marinade that with two tablespoons of honey. And then some extra virgin olive oil about a tablespoon and salt about a tablespoon. Mix them all up and we kneaded them together. And then after I've got them nice and silky, we flattened them out a little bit and cut them into quarters and then we made some individual pizzas. I made mine thick, I like a nice chewy pizza but you can stretch it out even further than I did when I was forming the pizza discs.

    For this recipe, I used one cup of pizza sauce and one cup of mozzarella, you can top with anything that you want to. But you don't want to put too much on as a topping because it weights the pizza down and it makes kind of moistly at the end. So have a light hand with that. And now I have got a cooking stone right here. You don't need a cooking stone but I bought one just for this production. So we have got our cooking stone, I put a little bit of this cornmeal on the bottom of the peel, so it will slide right off. There we go, directly on the peel, now we are going to cover. That's going be about 12 minutes on 450 degrees. Okay, so I am going to open this up. And there we go, beautiful pizzas. I am going to just slide those right on the peel. See how easily that comes off. That's what I'd like to see. I like to see the brownness of the tomato sauce, melting of the cheese and the golden of the crust. We have four great pizzas for 400 people. Enjoy!