Grilled Pork and Pecan Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson demonstrates how to make a grilled pork and pecan salad.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I'm chef Phil Anderson, the Executive Chef at Harris Teeter. I'm going to make a grilled pork and pecan salad today. It's going to be awesome. The Pork is hot, all the other ingredients are kind of cool, the pecans are still hot because we're going to toast them over the grill. So we will get about a pound of pork loin, and you can tenderloin or pork loin, they are pretty interchangeable. Then I've got a half of an onion that I've diced, and I have a bibb lettuce, I've got about a cup of strawberries, and then I have three tablespoons of sugar, about a tablespoon of dried mustard and then I have oil and vinegar, and the oil and vinegar are about equal, they are about a quarter of a cup. So we're going to make that a vinaigrette.

    So right now though, we have go out to the grill, and we have to get this pork rolled up and saut off and toast up these pecans. So let's get that done. We seasoned it with a little salt and pepper, we're just going to put it right here on direct heat. It's going to cook pretty fast because it's so thinly cut. Yeah, at the same time, I'm going to toast up some pecans, hence the name pork and pecans salad.

    It's really easy to do this in the oven or on top of the grill, on top of the stove top, and what you are doing is just getting the essential oils out of the pecans, so there is all kinds of great flavor that's coming out. See we are cooking this pretty well. Now pork, you want to cook to 150 degrees, and I think, you can see it's still pretty reddish, so we're going to flip these over again. Okay, now we know that we can't put that pork back on the plate that we had the raw pork on. And I anticipated that because what I'm going to do is, I'm going to put the pork in the pecans. So our pecans are where we want them to be. We're going to put our pork here and we're going to go back into the kitchen, where we started and finish off this great salad.

    Alright, so now we've got the pork and the pecans. I'm going to pour these pecans just right over the top of that bibb lettuce, that's a head of bibb lettuce, and then we're going to take the pork, still nice and warm, and we're going to just cut this up in small pieces, we call it Julianne. This is nice and hot and we're going to pour it over the refreshing bibb lettuce, it's been torn in pieces. Put that right over the top. Now what I'm going to do is toss this, so I can get it equally distributed. And then, I'm going to add some more ingredients, I am going to take my onions and strawberries. Now the onions remember, it was a half of an onion diced and the strawberries was a cup.

    Okay, we've got a nice salad here. Now what we're going to do, is make our vinaigrette. We have got the sugar, and we are going to add the vinegar first, what the vinegar is going to do is dissolve the sugar. And then we add the mustard, because the mustard emulsifies, it helps them to emulsify the olive oil. And we slowly pour the olive oil in, like that, and what it does, the dry mustard suspends the oil and the vinegar, that's what the emulsification process is. See how that suspension is going on. You can't see just olive oil, and you can't see just vinegar, it's both and then hold it for a while. So we're going to put that in and toss it. Let's add some of the sugar. Now we're going to toss this, the vinaigrette find it's way to touch every bit of the lettuce and the pork and remember now, this pork is hot, it's warm. So the chill of the bibb lettuce and chill of the strawberries, and the sharpness of the vinaigrette makes for a wonderfully tasting salad. Grilled pork and pecan salad, enjoy.