Grilled Rueben Sandwich

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Firehouse Chef Tom Papoutsis demonstrates how to make a classic rueben sandwich.

    Tom Popatis: Hi! I am Tom Popatis. I have been a Firehouse Chef for a lot of years. And actually I was a 2004 finalist in a Tabasco Cook & Ladder Competition. Right now we are going to do a classic Rueben. Very simple, I have got seeded rye bread, I have got some good Swiss Cheese, go to Deli; get them to cut you some good Swiss Cheese. I've got some imported corned beef and of course sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing. We are going to turn our heat up about medium high; we are going take our butter, butter the outsides of our bread. Okay, so we are going to start up on this side, put a good coat of butter on there just like that. We are going to put that down and then we are going to flip this one over, get a little bit more butter and we are going to go ahead and butter this side. Now, what I am going to do, I am going to go ahead, I have got my corned beef here, and we are going to slide our corned beef on to there. I am going to take some sauerkraut, put as much on as you want, we are going to put just a little bit of Thousand Island dressing on just like that and then our Swiss cheese goes on top of that. Now, I am going to use a nice amount of cheese, this is going to be one of those outstanding sandwiches. Okay there we go. Nice amount of cheese, now we are going to take this top, put the top on like that and we are going to come in underneath, pick it up. And put it on there. Now we don't want to go too high on our heat. If we go too high, the sandwich is going to burn, we are not going to get our cheese to melt, it's not going to turn out all that well. We are going to let that heat up for a couple of minutes and then we are going to flip it over, flip it back and forth a couple of times until we feel that it's done and the cheese is melted real good for us. Okay, this is actually looking really, really good. The cheese is actually starting to melt very well for us, we are about done, we are ready to pull this thing off and give it a try. So, here we go, I am going to go ahead and pop that off of there, we are going to put it on our cutting board, give it a nice cut, there we go. We got to had chips for our Rueben, I am sorry it's a must. But if you are going to have a sandwich you need to make it good. Make it a meal, that's our classic Rueben. Enjoy!