Grilling – How to Select a Steak

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bob Kiebler demonstrates how to select a steak for grilling.

    Bob Kiebler

    For almost 30 years, Morton's Steakhouse has served only the finest quality foods, featuring USDA prime-aged beef, fresh fish and seafood, hand-picked produce, delicious appetizers and elegant desserts. Bob Kiebler has been a chef for over 30 years, and during that time has perfected many delicious dishes. Watch today as he shows how to learn the basics of grilling.

    Hi. I am Bob Kiebler, chef at Morton's Steakhouse, and we have been showing you how to grill. Today, I am going to show you the best cuts of meat to use for grilling. Naturally, anything you can cook inside your house, you can cook outside on a grill, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, of course, my favorite and our speciality here is the beef. With the beef, you want to pick steaks from the rib, or from the short loin of the animal. You want to make sure your steaks are at least an inch and a half thick; now, what that does is if they are too thin, they'll cook all the way through and dry out, you won't have any of the nice flavorful, char, or the nice color that the grilling is supposed to impart. The best steaks for grilling are the rib eye steak, beautiful, my favorite; porterhouse steak, you have a piece of the New York and the filet mignon, on either side of a T-bone; New York strip steak, really an outstanding cut of meat for grilling. The fillet mignon for people who like a little less fat, and a little more tender meat; bone-in ribeye is the same quality as the rib eye, a little more flavor with the bone, and of course, lamb-chops, the nice chops, they are excellent on the grill. Now, when selecting your beef, you want to get the highest grade you can possibly find. We use USDA Prime beef which is almost impossible to find in the store, but the qualities of that are, they are marveling, which is the intermuscular flex of fat. It really imparts a delicious, outstanding, rich flavor to the beef. In the absence of prime, you want to pick a nice USDA Choice or the at last resort, the stores brand. Next, I am going to show you a little bit about how to marinate and dry rub your meat for grilling.