Ground Strokes-Follow Through

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis instructor Frankie Dell demonstrates how to follow through on your ground stroke.

    Frankie Dell: Hi, I am Frankie Dell. I am a Professional Tennis Instructor. You are watching ground strokes. Next, I am going to demonstrate the Follow Through. Now we have hit the ball, one more important thing is we have to follow through. Without the follow through, the ball can't make it over the net. So for first, for one hander, like I said there was a low to high movement. We have made contact and we have finished high. Keep this arm behind you. Don't want if see bring it around here, back and finish high.

    This foot stays behind you until you follow through, now you can bring it around. Don't want to see this. It just stay behind you then you can come around. Follow through, follow through high, follow through high. Now I can come around.

    Now for the two hander. We have just hit the ball and I keep the both hands on the racquet all the way to here. You shouldn't let go with this hand. It's just stay on the racquet all the way here. If you have trouble remembering or keeping your hand on it, what I tell people is point both of your elbows at the ball you just hit, here. Let's see a couple. Follow through, follow through, pointing both elbows and that's your follow through.

    So that's the forehand and the backhand swing. I am Frankie Dell. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson on the forehand and the backhand. See you next time.