Guía de Restaurantes de Orlando

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Desde comidas casuales hasta cenas excepcionales, Orlando ofrece opciones para todos.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Michael Hennessey: Food scene in Orlando is tremendously diverse. Orlando brings in these chefs from all over the world and they put on these tremendous dinners and it's one of the fastest growing food centers.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Scott Joseph: One of the most surprising things you are going to find when you come to Orlando is the diversity of our restaurants and the quality of our restaurants. We really have some world-class restaurants and dining venues here.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Danielle Courtenay: Orlando is a very eclectic dining experience. We have got world-renowned chefs, chefs you see on food network that have restaurants here.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Scott Joseph: Orlando of course is known for its themed restaurants and we have pirates, dinner adventure, Arabian nights, medieval times where you can go and watch a jousting match.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]