Guide to Dead Lakes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dead Lakes is one of the richest eco systems around, and Bass Fisherman flock from all over for what is some of the best bass fishing in the state of Florida. It’s also home to Tupelo Honey.

    Brent Lane: Its Brent Lane and I am here at Dead Lakes Recreational Park just north of Wewahitchka in Gulf County, Florida and I will tell you what, this is so beautiful, you can see I am literally right here in a graveyard of bald cypress trees.

    Before it was flooded by the neighboring Chipola River, this was a forest made up of thousands of trees. Today, it's one of the richest ecosystems around and bass fisherman flock from all over, for what are some of the best bass fishing in the State of Florida.

    Matthew Godwin: The Dead Lakes were formed by the Chipola River which still faces up to the north say about 5 or 6 miles. At some point in a last couple of 100 years Apalachicola was drifted over and formed a sandbank which naturally dammed the Chipola back and flooded the Swamp Basin here, backed it up, killed off a lot of the trees and thats where it earned the name Dead Lakes.

    Brent Lane: Photographers flock from all over with the opportunity of capturing very unique landscapes that only Mother Nature could have scripted. Amongst the vast wildlife, nature enthusiasts are surrounded in an abundance of trees, including long leaf pines, magnolia and bald cypress.

    Matthew Godwin: If you are going to be boating out here, Id recommend going with somebody that knows the area, the first time you come out here have them show you how to read the channels. As you can see there is a lot stuffs, lot of dead tress, things that hung up on.

    Brent Lane: The recreation area includes a boat ramp, nature trails and campaigning areas. Wewahitchka is also a home to Tupelo tree and that means world famous Tupelo Honey.

    Ben Lanier: It comes from the Tupelo tree, they grow that in the Apalachicola River form, but it only blooms about 2 weeks and 2-3 weeks out of the year, thats all you have to make it, but its full of pollens and it had pollens, and living enzymes and all we do to it is strain it through cheesecloth and thats it. So its very good, it tastes good and its good for you.

    There are the honeybees, dont drop them.

    Bret Lane: If you happen to see Ulees Gold with Peter Fonda, well, the movie was not only shot here on Laniers apiary, but Ben Lanier also consulted Mr. Fonda on how to play the part of a beekeeper.

    Now when you are hungry you want to come by Matiki Grill, the owner of French trained chef is cooking up something fantastic inside. I am Bret Lane from Wewahitchka, Florida.