Guide to Floribbean Food in Miami

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    German Travel Reporter Kathrin Rein discovers Floribbean Food and gives a few recommendations on where to find it in Miami.

    Kathrin Rein:Hi! This is Kathrin Rein and I am here in South Beach, Miami. Its absolute paradise here and when you get hungry you might want to dig into some local cuisine, Floribbean cuisine. It's a blending of fresh sea food and tropical foods and vegetables inspired by Caribbean, Latin American and European cooking. But where can you get Floribbean food, or what the food critic might called New World Cuisine. Try a bit Florida Cookery; it's got fantastic food and a good story. If you really want the citrus and sea food flavors of the region, try the seasonally changing sea beaches. They are also open for breakfast as well. The views included. Yum! That's looks good. Ola would be my second recommendation and may be Miami's hottest restaurant right now, serving up trendy and hip dishes like innovative sea beaches and a deconstructed Latin inspired cuisine. Try the sugarcane crusted tuna served over a Malanga goat cheese fondue and pickled shrimp. My third recommendation would be Tuyo from Chef Norman Van Aken, one of the chefs that put Floribbean in New World Cuisine on the map. The restaurants sits a top a culinary school in Downtown Miami and with it great views. Here you want to start with the Brazilian creamy conch chowder or for your main course try one of the fish specials. This is Kathrin Rein ready for some Floribbean food in South Beach Miami. 1