Guitar Hero III-Expert Level

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Russel Baldonado provides some tips on achieving expert-level success in Guitar Hero III.

    Russel Baldonado: Hello everyone, Russel Baldonado, Guitar Hero expert. In this clip I'll give you guys some tips to help you improve your game. So tip one: when first learning to play, don't worry about the whammy bar so much. For most people it distracts them and they lose their place. Bending the note doesn't really help you finish the song, so forget about the whammy bar. Another tip is when you have a series of repeating notes you can just hold down the fret button and continue strumming as the notes reach the target below. You don't have to press the button every time the note reaches the target area, but to become an expert you need to learn the Hammer-on and Pull-Off techniques. These two techniques let you play those notes without strumming. When playing a song you'll notice that some notes are glowing. You can play these notes without strumming by hammering-on or pulling-off to them. If the notes are moving left to right, you're hammering-on, right to left, you're pulling-off. After pressing and strumming on the first note you can hammer-on to the next note by just pressing on the fret. You don't have to strum.

    For pull-offs you press and strum on the First note and Pull-Off to the next one by just pressing on the fret, again, no strumming.

    So there you have it. With a little bit of practice you'll be on your way to mastering these techniques and become an expert in no time. So grab your guitars and start rocking out.