Guitar Hero III Game Modes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Russel Baldonado discusses the modes available when playing Guitar Hero III.

    Russel Baldonado: Hello everyone, Russel Baldonado; Guitar Hero expert. Now that we've learned how to play the guitar, let's learn about the different modes in Guitar Hero.

    You have Career mode where a single player can unlock the whole set list. Co-op Career where two players can take turns playing lead guitar and bass guitar to complete the set list.

    Quick play is where players can compete and keep track of their high scores and in Multiplayer we have Face-Off, Pro Face-Off and Battle. On Face-Off each player can choose their own difficulty and they alternate playing the lead to see who rocks the most.

    In Pro Face-Off each player must play the same difficulty and play at the same time.

    Now Battle is a little different. Here, you are not only trying to play the best but you're also trying to sabotage your opponent. Instead of star power you have a variety of battle power to throw at your opponent. You have eight different powers to use against your opponents like lefty flip which flips the fret board on your opponent or double notes which forces them to play with chords.