Gymnastics Floor Routine – Choosing Music

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gymnast Michelle Carhart demonstrates how to do a gymnastics floor routine and how to choose music for a floor routine.

    Michelle Carhart: My name is Michelle Carhart and today I am going to be teaching you how to choreograph a gymnastic floor routine. One part of choreographing is picking up the floor music. There are rules pertaining to floor music it has to be thirty seconds to a minute thirty. If it's under thirty seconds there is a two point deduction, over a minute thirty it's point one deduction.

    Another thing is there can be absolutely no words or no singing in the music, if there is, it's a deduction of one point. Now, picking floor music, there are many different types of floor music. There is very dancy classical floor music, there is stuff that's more techno, there is country music and it's very important that you can ascertain the skills of the students when you are picking out their specific floor music. So if a student is really good at doing something like this, you might have something like maybe in the mood. If they are good at doing techno type of stuff then you would have techno. If they are very good at dancing then you might do something that's very fluid and classical in nature. So once you ascertain the floor music then you can start choreographing the gymnastics floor routine. Next, we are going to be trying to figure out how to start a gymnastics floor routine.