Hair Care – Blow Drying Damaged Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Stephanie Gardner demonstrates how to blow dry damaged hair.

    Hi, I am Stephanie and I am a hairstylist here at Salon Nordine. What we are going to do today is we are going to blow dry Somer s hair. We are going to section the hair in two sections. We are going to section from the ear forward making sure the hair is nice and straight, clip that off. Actually, we will get the, there we go and then we are going to go the other side, then we are going to clip again from the ear forward.

    Tilting the Somer s head down, here basically, you just need to take as much hair as you can handle. I am going to start with probably two inch sections. We are going to start off using the round brush in a rotating motion and we are going to pull the hair nice and strong and then we are going to roll the hair under. Keeping the head down, repeating the same sectioning throughout the head in the same motion, keeping the head and what we are going to do is continue throughout the head and I am going to bring Somer back and we will show you the finished productWe have just finished blow drying Somer s hair. She has some great layers, hair is moving a lot better and there you have it. Here is Somer.