Hair Care – Cutting Boys’ Bangs and Removing Weight

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Stephanie Gardner demonstrates how to cut bangs for a little boy’s haircut and remove weight from his hair by using a razor.

    Hi, I am Stephanie and this Windy and this is our client Shane. We are both hair stylists here at Salon Nordine. Today, we are going to be focussing on cutting Bangs for a little boy s haircut and then we are going to remove weight from his hair by using a razor.

    So, we are going to start off today by taking a section from temple to temple and we are going to point cut across the fringe. Shane does not use a part so he does wear his hair down. So, we are not trying to create any type of significant part and as you point cut, you are going to work your way around the head, just pulling the hair with not a lot of tension because you do not want those bangs to jump up.

    When you are cutting boy s hair you want to make sure that you do not want to take the bang any shorter than the child s eyebrows because when the hair continues to dry it is going to jump up about a half an inch, quarter of an inch to a half an inch. Okay, that looks great. Now, we are going to move into removing the bulk from Shane s hair by using a razoring technique. Windy is going to take small inch partings starting in the back and moving around the front because Shane s hair has a lot of volume. These are going to be random sections. Basically, you are going to be looking for weighted areas throughout the head. A weighted area is an area is an area where there is more hairs per square inch in a section of hair.

    Now, we are going to move towards the front of the hair and on the sides where he has got a lot of volume. As she is combing the hair down, she can see the areas that are more weighted and she can remove the amount of weight that is needed. Windy is using a feathering blade which takes just enough hair out without removing too much weight as a straight razor would do.

    Children s hair tends to have a lot of bulk on the sides of the hair right above the ear. As she continues through the front, she is going to continue with the same style of cutting throughout the head. Make sure that all times the hair is nice and wet. When cutting with a razor, if the hair is dry it will have a tendency to pull. With the bang area you can use almost like a scratching motion to remove the weight.

    Take your razor and just go up and down. As we continue around, we are going to move to the other side, still picking up sections approximately, an inch wide. In calics areas as Shane has up in the top through here you want to be real careful that you do not remove too much weight so the calics does not stand up.

    As we go to the top of the head, the hair is going to have a tendency to stand straight up. So, Windy is just going to make sure that when she is removing the weight, it is whispier on the top to it lays a little flatter. This is the area usually with the most weight in it. Looks great, okay, that is how you remove that weight. Next, we are going to focus on French Braid.