Hair Care – Razoring Damaged Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Stephanie Gardner demonstrates how to razor damaged hair.

    Hi, I am Stephanie. I am a hairstylist. We are here at Salon Nordine. We have just finished layering Somer s hair. What we are going to do now is remove some bulk with a razor. Somer s hair is curly and the best way to remove the bulk is to go through the ends and release some weight by razoring. You are going to take inch sections on a vertical. Using a razor is very difficult, so you want to get a Feather razor and you want to slightly move the razor down just removing, just enough weight. Continue through the head on a diagonal, continuing to remove some weight. As you pivot around the head, make sure you are not hitting the same section twice.

    There you go. You are going to continue to take inch parting into inch and a half. With razoring you do not need to take a smaller section, it is best to do it in a larger section. Still holding the hair on a diagonal, you just got to remove enough weight so that the hair lies down. As you pivot around the head, just going to keep taking a little bit of weight out of there.

    We are going to go to this side, take another inch section, going to remove about the same amount of weight. You want to keep a nice, light touch on the razor. The more you press, the more hair comes out. So, you are really just looking to remove some weight back here, so that the lines are not so solid. As you go to the top of the head through this section, drop this down. This is where you really want to blend the layers in that we just finished doing, so that the hair will lie down and not create such volume to the back.

    Then, we go to our last section in the front, dropping this back, still taking same amount of weight. You always want to take the sections on a diagonal, so that you do not see where you remove the weight. Now, we are going to move to this side of her hair. We are going to take larger partings through this side because there is not as much hair in the back. In the back you have all this weight back here, in the sides you have only from the ear up.

    Two big sections should work on the side of the head, just removing enough weight out. You want to be careful around the front that you do not remove too much so the hair does not thin out. As we get to the top, just going to remove just a little bit out of that front area. The head does not need to be in any particular position for this because we have already have cut your desired length. Now, we are going to go to the other side still keep, with the sides you want to go to an inch to two inch parting. Keep in the hair nice and tight when you are taking that razor going down the back. Basically, what you are doing is just scraping that top layer of hair very gentle. As you get through the front just be real careful, you do not take too much weight out because you want to keep that weight in the bank.

    Now, if you need to go through dry, you can texturize it a little bit more to remove any excess weight. Next thing we are going to do is we are going to blow dry Somer s hair.