Hair Care Tips For Women

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nioxin stylist Diane Stevens provides tips on how to care for your hair.

    Female Speaker: How is it been going since the last time I have saw you? How is your hair?

    Female Speaker: You know I look around and I feel like everyone else has better hair than me and it's not fair.

    Female Speaker: Do you want some advice?

    Female Speaker: Sure!

    Female Speaker: Stop stressing. Your hair is beautiful. Stressing is not going to be good for anything, it's going to cause problem for your scalp as well. Why don't we start to do something a little bit more relaxing like a deep conditioning treatment today?

    Female Speaker: What if I don't have time?

    Female Speaker: It only takes 10 minutes and I can give you a nice Scalp Actify massage as well.

    Female Speaker: That's sounds perfect. Can I still color my hair today though?

    Female Speaker: Oh absolutely! In fact I am really glad we had a chance to talk, because now I can actually look at your formula and give you a really gentle approach to your color as well.

    Female Speaker: Great! I have one more question then. I have read that blow drying can actually damage your hair, is that true?

    Female Speaker: Not necessarily. So let me give you some tips for blow drying what I would do is I would really get the moisture out with your fingers and do that till it's about 80% dry, then comb with your ceramic brush to give you some more volume. And speaking of volume there is a great product that I really like you to try and it's going to give you more manageability, it's going to give you lot's more body and volume and guess what --Female Speaker: What?

    Female Speaker: It really does work and a lot of my clients are loving it.

    Female Speaker: I want to try it.

    Female Speaker: Great! And I just look forward to really making your hair just feel and look more beautiful.