Hair Extensions – Attaching Long Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to attach hair extensions to long hair.

    Debra Hall: Hi I am Debra, this is crystal, my model. And here I am about to apply the hair to the three levels of braid, that I am telling you about. I am going to do, the first row, I am going to three the top row. In the second round, I am going to do two, I am going to pull the hair together like this. I am going this measure around her head and I am going to start from this point, to this point. And then I am going to cut. Then I am going to take another piece and measure at same place around and around. And I am going to do that three times and then I will attach that to the top. And I am going to do two, to the weaves, I am going to put together, measure and put it around into second one and then the third one I am going to do two at the bottom.

    Here, we are going to show you the process of putting this end. I am going to measure like said, I have got it here to here and I am going to cut. And I am going to try not to pass -- don't go pass her skin, because like I said, she wants to put her hair up in a ponytail, so you don't want to be able to tell. I am going to go one more time, measure it from here to here, and then you cut and then I am just going to sew it and to reassure that you measure right, go back and measure again one more time and if you have a little hanging off, that's okay you just cut that part, as you're not using, don't worry about that.

    So, what I am going to do is, I am going to start taking my thread, and start sewing again into the weave here. I am going to sew that together and now. Sometimes you can use a dull needle, that has dull point or you are can use a very pointy needle, it depends on the weaver because sometimes this braid is here is so thick, that you can't get the dull needle into it, but will have to use a very sharp needle, but you have got to be very careful, not to poke this down.

    So that's what I am doing and then the extra hair that's hanging off, I will cut that and make sure you put hair out you're way, so that you could see what you're doing and then I am going to start sewing the hair unto the braid. And then I am going to knot it, since I get start. And the reason why I am knotting, because it won't hang unravel, when she take her shower. She does wash her hair everyday, so I will make sure, you knot it out three times at the end and then you just proceed. And I will sew all the way around and I am not going to real wide or doing it kind of close together and when I sew I prick the needle in and then I take little loop and a take that needle and go through the loop and then it makes it right back.

    Now, we are going to ahead and finish all three other rows and will be back and I'll show you how to knot it. Now, we are at the end and I am sewing, and I had fixed it here. This isn't the end of her braid and I didn't worry about it and I left it move, what I will do is tuck and then lay the track here over top of it.

    So, it tucks away and is into the hair and you won't be able to see it and then I -- what I will do, is go and continue to sew. Sew always in the end and then I knot it and then we are done, we will always tuck, tuck the hair don't have it setting up like that, tuck it.

    Now, I am going to -- I am right at the end and I am just going to tuck and knot it and I do that like three kinds to make sure it's secure, then you tuck and you cut here and then you tuck and open up your thread and knot again three times, just to be on a safer side, just to be secure, because it's like I said, if you're going to do a lot of shampooing like, you are going to shampoo everyday, you need to knot it and it's secured in there. And that's it. It's all done. And then we are going to stop, this is our finished look.

    Now, she decided to keep it in one length. In a moment you can go in with a razor, and you can go ahead and cut it into layers, they keep that length. But she just wanted one length. So this our finished look, right here and I thank you for viewing in and watching how to put in hair extensions, thank you.