Hair Extensions – Attaching Short Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to attach hair extensions to short hair.

    Speaker: Hello my name is Naila Aldridge and this is the technique of how to sew in the Malaysian hair extension. Next we are going to show you how to attach the hair pieces. The hair extension that I am going to use today, is the same color of the hair, which is black and you want to get the same texture of hair as client that they are going to use one. In this case, I am going to use black jetty hair, it's the closest to her natural hair texture.

    So what you want to do is start right at the beginning of the braid, as close as possible and you are going to measure it all the way around. Then what you are going to do, is the same thing, it's just make a move and just sew. And you want to pull it tight to make sure it lays very flat. And what I am doing now is attaching the human hair pieces to the cornrow that I made and that will be your hair extension. And what I am doing is just looping the braid through cornrow and attaching it to the hair, which attaches the hair. You just want to attach it to the cornrow and you can pretty much see if you're doing it in a straight line. You just keep going until it gets the bend. You want to go ahead and repeat this loop process with the thread and the hair until you get around to the end piece and I will show you how to cut an end of the piece when I get around to the end side. When you get to the back of the braid which is where the weave will end, all you do, is cut the end of the thread and you want to make sure you sew the end down real tight so it won't come up. And you don't have to tie a knot, because in this case which is going to continue on another track. But I will show you when you get to that track. I will show how to tighten that. Basically, it's just a double knot ending short of the track woven up for hair piece. Okay, we have put in three layers of hair, which is just going to add for less than four minutes. So now that we have the end of the last braid, what you are going to do is cut the end of the hair piece and then you want to make sure that they end the hair piece and settle down real tight. So that it won't come up.

    Once you sew the last piece of that hair piece, you want to cut the thread and just two double knots just to ensure that it won't come apart. Just a simple knot, and cut off the excess thread. And now, we are ready to follow it and here, we have finished it off. And as you can see the hair extension looks natural and it's just the same and it blends into our own natural hair.