Hair Extensions – Short Hair Preparation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to prepare short hair for hair extensions.

    Speaker: Hello my name is Naila Aldridge and this is my model Ebony and today I will showing you how to put in Malaysian hair extension which is also known as the Sew-In Weave. So first you want to start with, if they have short hair in this case she has short hair, so we add that to her hair. So if her hair is short, you will going to start with adding synthetic hair to make the braid tighter. And to make sure you want to first start with clean hair. So you want to make sure, the hair is shampooed and oiled, because if the hair's dry it will pull a lot of tension on the scalp. First I want to start with where you want to put the hair extension and you've part the hair where you want the extension to got. And you want to make sure that their front hairline is out, because you wanted to look it as natural as possible.

    I also use hair spray just a little bit on the hair and that keeps the braid nice and tight. Then you want to add the synthetic hair and you want to make sure you don't use too much, because you don't want the braid to be bulky. What I am doing right now is to making a braid. This is the first process to the weave, you want to make a braid you can sew the actual hair to the braid.

    You want to make sure the braid is small enough so it can lie flat, because the key is to make it look as natural as possible. You want to start from the front or it depends on how you are actually going to put the weave in. In this case I am only adding some to the side, so it will be a bit longer. So you want to start from the front and go to the back and what I am going to do is stop here and add another piece here and come right along. And you may want to use clip to hold the braid in place so if need to add another layer. I am parting the hair, so in between you have her natural hair and I am going to add another braid here in order to give it a more natural look and she'll have her natural hair in between the pieces. Well I took the braid on the part that's where I am going to actually attach the hair. Depending on the thickness and the flatness that you want to add, that depend on how many pair of pieces you are going to add. In this case, I am just only adding a little bit of braid to one side of her hair, where are only going to do, about 30 hair pieces.

    Now, we are set to end up with our braid. Have how many corners you put in for your hair extension. We've already preset the needle and you want to take your thread and you want to attach the ending piece, just so sew the corner it doesn't come out. And this is just a basic loop hole, where you just take the thread through the corner row and just pull it tight, not very tight, but tight enough so that the braid won't come out. Then when you're finished with that, you just want to cut the extra tail and now you are ready to sew you're hear extensions on. So that's the first step on preparing how to sew-in the Malaysian weave. Next we are going to show you how to actually attach the hair extensions.