Hair Highlight Preparation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Christopher Byer demonstrates how to prepare to highlight your hair.

    Christopher Byer: Hi, my name is Christopher Byer. I am with Christopher's Salon & Massage. I am going to show you how to highlight your hair.

    First thing I am going to show you are the some of the things you are going to need to gather up before you start your highlighting. We are going to need to choose our developers and our color, we are going to need to have to the color bowls and brushes, tin foil, you need little clippies and some larger clips to separate the hair and a curling comb. We're going to talk about choosing the proper color for the hair type and the way we do that is by picking at your hair, level 10 being the lightest, 9 being the darkest. With Michelle, she's about a level 7 so what we are going to do with her is we are going to go in with like a level 9 for the highlight and then to give it more dimension we are going to go in with a level 4 and take really small sections of that and that's going to really make the highlighted part and her natural hair color stand out. So now we are going to mix our color up. We are going to take our chosen developer, it's just the 20 volume developer and this will go with the darker color we are going to foil in. For the lighter pieces we are going to use 30 volume and a level 9 for the highlights, so with the color and the developer we use equal parts. This is the neutral and this our tarty color, the 9 golden beige bronze. I will mix these two together. So remember that the more levels of lightness you want to achieve, the higher the level of developer. I use more than one color, I like to use a different brush or mark the containers so you don't get confused as your foiling, so you know which are the highlights and which are the lowlights. You want to really get this mixed up really good. So now that we've got all our things together and we're prepared, we're going to start doing the partings and applying the color.