Hair Highlights Aftercare

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Christopher Byer demonstrates how to care for highlighted hair.

    Christopher Byer: Hi, I am Christopher Byer. I am with Christopher's Salon & Massage. I am going to show you how to highlight your hair today. So for our final process we are going to put her under the heat lamps. We are going to do a strand test to check the foils to make sure that the color is where we want it to be and we will show you how to remove the foil packets, shampoo, condition and then I am going to give you some aftercare hints in how to maintain your color so you look like you just walked out of my salon. So now we have adjusted the lamps to the area and with this machine I have a built-in timer. At home what you can use is like your kitchen timer and you are going to want to first set the timer for 20 minutes. In 10 minutes, you are going to go back and check. Some hair brighten faster than others, but generally, when you are using color to lighten hair, it's going to take 20 to 30 minutes. I am just going to adjust these, you don't want it to get too hot, just maybe keep it pretty warm, but not that's where it is going to burn the hair because the aluminum foil does conduct heat. What you can do at home, if you probably don't have a heat lamp, is take a towel and wrap the towel around, you know what that's going to do is keep the heat from your head in and that's going to help you process or you can take a hair drier and just slightly hit it on medium heat. So what we have done now is we have processed her hair under the heat lamps. Now we are going to find out if it's done by just opening one of the packets in the front and seeing what color we have. So now what we are going to do as we are removing the foils, you unfold the packet, lift and pull in, just slide right out there, bring them all back so that we know if the color falls into her face. Yeah, I am just doing that holding back, it is like peeling a banana. You want to go pretty fast at this, that way, the colors don't bleed together. We are going to make sure that there is no color marks around her hairline so just take quick for a rinse and if there is a stand it will rub it right out. At home, if you are doing this you probably want to rub around your hairline in the mirror. But you want to sure not to get them near your eyes because it will burn your eyes really bad. We are using a little more than lukewarm water to rinse. Good way to see if you have a good shampoo is by the lather. See how this lather is really nice and thick that means there is no sulphates in it. If there is a shampoo that has sulphate you get big and flash bubbles that have the strong detergent and it will pour the color out.

    Now I have applied a reconstructive conditioner. Most of the box colors come with a conditioner for afterwards and it's a good thing to use that. Try and leave it on for like five minutes and let it absorb into the hair, because right now the cuticle of the hair is kind of blown open to accept the color so what this is going to do is fill it back in. This is a good time to think about the different steps to take to keep your color in, the aftercare. If you can do it, if you can do like quick cold rinse each day at the end of your shower, that will help your color stay in a lot longer. If you do a lot of blow drying or a thorough ironing you need to get something like thermal guards so you go against the hair because colored hair is more fragile than your natural hair so you have to take a few little extra steps. What I always trying to say it if you can go a day without washing your hair, it's better. I mean it's not necessary completely, but I think it can tends to make the color last longer. Now that I have shown you how to highlight your hair I want to thank you for watching.