Hair Removal – Bleaching the Face

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Threading expert Pinky Jain discusses the basics of facial hair removal including bleaching the face.

    Pinky Jain: Hi everyone! My name is Pinky and I am going to talk about today facial hair removal. I work at the Pink Karma Salon and Spa in Sterling, Virginia. So I am going to show you today, how to bleach your face. So I am just going to wrap a hair band on her hair which is going to cover all the hair. Bleaching is another way to hide your hair from the face, so I am going to show you how to mix now. You take a bleaching cream which is like one scoop which is good enough for us, we can mix little extra so it's two scoop, and we are going to add some activator powder in that. Actually, if you are taking two scoop, then you add two pinch out of it. So I am going to do, one and I am going to do two, that's all we do. I am going to take a brush, mix it really nicely, okay that's --- yes, we are done. So I am going to this thing and I am going to start applying on her face, like this. Make sure that you are going downward and don't go overlap on it. So like this and you always go on sideways for your upper lip. Don't forget your nose, go like this, this, this. Since the bleach had a little bit chemical inside, so I am going to make sure that I add some toner to that, to this thing, to cotton and I am going to put on my client's eye, so that she can relax for ten minutes and it stays for ten minutes, like depend on the skin type, but we want to keep 8-10 minutes on the face. It's been 8-10 minutes and now I am going to remove the bleach from her face, okay. So I am going to start with eye-pad and I am going to take the wipes and I am going to start cleaning like this, you are going downwards like that, because I want to keep my client comfortable and relaxed. I am going to take the band off. I wouldn't recommend you to apply anything right after the bleach, I would give you 8-10 hours, before going in sun and everything and make sure that you use SPF-15 at least. Thanks for watching this video series. Hopefully, you learned something about the basics of facial hair removal. Thank you.

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